‘The Secret’ is leaking, and it stinks ! -Oct.07


The other day,  my wife and I picked up the movie “The Secret” in our local video store.

Shortly into the movie I had an ‘awakening’ which ended up in a 5 hour discussion with my wife.
–  At 2:30 in the morning I finally agreed to continue watching it  the next day. 318367_f260
What I witnessed was quite disturbing but,
– I was attracted…
Finally a real spiritual guidebook for everybody:
‘How to become enormous wealthy’.

Still, I’m grateful for all this spectacle since it gives me the opportunity to voice my perspective on all this,
and to share some REAL alternative ideas with the reader.
– a non-commercial & non Linear approach to Life.

I believe to be on a ‘path of Awakening’ for over 4 decades,
and, being on that way, my consciousness is constantly looking for true answers,
my Quest for Belonging

For my skeptical senses  this movie was a Déjà vu,
it looked like Dr. Goebbels Propaganda machinery ‘sellingspirituality to the masses.

(do I have your attention now ?)

I will keep it simple, because REAL TRUTH IS SIMPLE !
– that’s why we call them Spin Doctors’ because they spin our heads around until we forget if we are up or down.

– Look at the images – a simple AWARENESS TEST !
– A picture says more than 1000 words !

To me, this hype around “The Secret” is just some other quagmire of some con-artists
trying to sell contents where there is just emptiness and disparity.
It is disappointing to see some reputable names jumping onto this old, broken and
incomplete but financially lucrative bandwagon.
The Secret”, intentionally or not, confuses the


Embarrassing to see how they are trying to rip the POWER of ATTRACTION out of context ,
-where they should know that –


On the funny side, they look like Mickey MouseMickey
in “The Sorcerers Apprentice” (Goethe),  but on a
more serious side it looks like the last attempt
to give some spiritual meaning to the
bankrupt world of Neo-Cons and Materialists,
in whatever color or fashion they come!


– Have a look at the current events, who is in control !?

They call it “the Law of Attraction” and we all know that Laws
can be and have been broken since man established them.
– They symbolize rigidity and ultimately limitations.

Laws last as long as the ink or the paper they are written on,
they have to be reinforced and are an endless struggle
for interpretation & justification.


– Watch the ‘co star’ Dr. Joe Vitale in his latest attempt
to clarify “the Law” of attracting more Money, Health,
Success, Happiness & Love into your/his life…

With Laws come guilt, fear, humiliation, despair, desire,
frustration…  (all low energy fields according to D.R. Hawkins.)

The TRUTH IS, Laws are just Force, constantly trying to stop
the free flow of energy, Laws are not representing ‘Power’!

POWER is simply Energy in Motion.

The Wave



The Great Wave”
Katsushika Hokusai



Laws are the result of men trying to control, regulate & manipulate things in life.
As we experience right now, these Laws have limited applications
in a materialistic world and have finally arrived at their own destiny,
– the End of the Linear Culture !

Laws are always linear, they have a Beginning, the ‘Creation’,
and then strict Guidelines to follow…
Attraction is something completely different, a non-linear,
non-materialistic & unlimited  phenomenon of Life.
Attraction implies multiple Sources of Energy & Conditions.
There is not ‘ONLY ONE’ Source ‘initiating’ the attractions or starting to attract something;
– many OTHER Sources are  attracting as well.
Like in magnetic-energy or electric-power, a flow of energy can only exist between contrasting sources or polarities.
So we Need a delicious ice-cream to attract us, and we Need to be attracted by ice-cream to connect with it.
Without the existence of ice-cream we can not even dream of having an ice-cream.

The Secret’ of a good sales person is to identify and/or to create a Need & an Attraction for something new.
Here we just have another perfect example of creating-a-market for the lucrative ‘Life-Coaching’ industry.

Here we have a case where they
created another product of pseudo satisfaction,
a substitutional satisfaction’ for many soul-searching  people
out there, looking for guidance & answers.

We all can see how far the use of the ‘Law‘ of Attraction has brought us.
For thousands of years man has focused on the materialization
of Possessions and we ended up with unmanageable amounts
of people, cars, roads, buildings, weapons…
– all these things have to be fed, maintained, taken-care-of and finally disposed.
More People desire more houses, space & food, more cars need more fuel & roads,
weapons need more wars and so on and so on…

Over & over again

The result is, -having Possessions makes us dependent,
possesses & enslaves us.

Now, we Belong to our Possessions !

We became psychopathological THIEVES;
we CONSUME & TAKE everything we can lay our hands on,
including oil, water, soil & souls, space & time. – We are addicted !

Addicted to comfort & sugar, security & money, speed & success, ‘Sex, Drugs & Rock n’Roll’…

Any way is allowed as long as we create our Laws to justify and/or Prohibit it,
and as long as we can make a profit in the name of growth & progress.

A simple question: what happens if we choose NOT to follow
Your ‘Law of Attraction’, do we brake it, are we punished for it ?

Do you imply that there are consequences, are we denied
access to Paradise because we are not following your Laws ?
– scary, sounds like the Inquisition;
-will we rot in Hell of poverty & shame just because we did not pay the Gatekeepers?

This is NO SECRET, wise man have taught us this for centuries that
the ‘LAW of POSSESSION’ draws lines in the sand, distinguishes between Good & Bad,
separates us from God & Nature, imprisons us in Space & Time,
conquers our spirits with Dogmas & Ideologies, buries them under Law & Order.

Haven’t we realized that this is a dead-end road, aren’t we running out of Space & Time
because we have already Taken & Divided everything unfairly
                           7 billion  times,
aren’t we tired yet of getting drained & filled again & again with meaningless possessions.

– Over and over again we get screwed around !

The Most IMPORTANT Video You’ll Ever See !

Man is so possessed with ‘His Possessions‘ that he has
lost sight & respect for the ‘other side’ of the coin,
the non-linear, the spiritual world!

Yes, you are right Mr. Proctor, the Energy of the Universe, the Power of Life is surrounding us everywhere !
This is not ridged or stationary, it is constant motion in all directions,
a non-linear flow and for many of us the meaning of ETERNETY !?
– Consequently, that means we want to connect with this
FLOW of ENERGY, become ONE with ETERNETY, belong to it.
– similar to what we do with our cell-phones & BlackBerries, we want to connect to a signal;
but in this case this is more sophisticated and it works everywhere for FREE !
Any Manifestation of cars, houses, jewelry or other materialistic Possessions are road blocks or detours,
just delaying the process of attracting or re-connecting with the POWER of ETERNAL LIFE.
(Don’t misunderstand, detours can be a wonderful experience
but who wants to pay for directions which end up in potholes ?)

So with all this knowledge, what is the scientific and/or spiritual nonsense about GOOD & BAD vibrations ?
                Is there really GOOD or BAD weather,
don’t we need a Balance of ‘Rain & Shine’ for anything to live ?
Arn’t we in Dissonancewith ourself and the rest of creation ?

So, are there any GOOD or BAD vibrations or just up & down waves, a dynamic of polarity,
a pulsing ENERGIE of the UNIVERSE, the POWER of LIFE  itself ?


Any high school student knows that Vibrations go up & down
like waves, –  that is light, color, sound, power, ENERGIE flow !
There are endless fields of visible & invisible vibrations, and some,
we have learned to detect, many more are yet undetectable for us.
Ignorant and disrespectful we often try to possess these Energies
to stop their flow, using them without seeing their complexity.
Then again we are running around like ‘The Sorcerers Apprentice’,
helplessly trying to control the unleashed power.
It is common knowledge that a hydro-dam can NOT stop the flow of a river, it would overflow or burst !
The Power or Energy is harvested by just taping into the flow – transforming it, not taking away !
Same with your blood circulation or the electric current in your brain, just try to block them !
Any attempt to select, attract, materialize & possess just the ‘Good Vibrations’ is silly and in this context
outright dangerously stupid !
One sided, out-of-balance and we get lost !
Lost the magnetic field, lost the Attraction!

         The vibrant Power of Life is GIVE & TAKE !
To understand this Dynamic should not be so difficult.
– But since we are locked-up in a Law of Possession‘,
lost in a mindset & Believe that we have the God-given,
fundamental ‘RIGHT to TAKE‘ whatever seems to be ‘GOOD‘…

-we do not know Albert-Value
how to


We have to understand that anything & everything in this universe
is connected, whatever we take, we take it from somewhere
or somebody. – with such knowledge we have Responsibilities!

What do we GIVE back to the Universe, our ‘Mother Earth
to the Oceans and our fellow man in Africa …

          – Pay back, Pay it Forward, keep the flow going !
Unless we show Responsibility we will not be able to connect
and walk in Harmony with the Universal ENERGY.
Responsibility is RESPONDING to the call,

Just listen carefully, this is the TRUTH,
the clear message we always received since recording began-
-Slow down, turn around, be silent and listen to the inside,
respect everybody & everything, go ‘down‘ to the people
take the left way instead the ‘right‘ one,
be humble, open up and start GIVING !

            – That is how we tap into the POWER and access LIFE !

Possessions give us a false sense of Completion & Security
Possessions try to ‘hold-on-to’, finish & stop things where there
is only eternal motion. We need Laws to register, transfer and even
inherit possessions and there we go again and again…
( and we laugh at the little stupid mouse running in her roll cage)

I like to refer to this as the 10,000 year old

Paradigm of Linear Thinking.

Ultimately the famous Greek Line  Α————-Ω  became
a Dividing Line and the basis for all Monotheistic religions !
A philosophy of Hierarchy & Chauvinism, with Beginning & End,
Start & Finish, Right & Wrong, Good & Bad,
locking us In & Out with Law & Order,
disconnecting us now from Life & Nature
trapping us between the lines of Properties & Possessions.
Reducing a multisensory Human to 5-sensory Being !

Christians remember, with such a knowledge,
Jesus tried to show us a WAY OUT into freedom,
tearing down the walls & fences to ‘Paradise’,
reconnecting us with the Creation of Eternal Life…
                    – a Transformation instead an End !
And to go just a bit further, there is the story of Jesus and this man,
they like to refer to him as the Devil, who takes him up a mountain
where they can see the whole Promised Land. (Matthews 4)
The tempter, the Devil, knows ‘The Law of Attraction’ and tells
Jesus that all this can be his if he would just uses
The Law of Attraction’, wants to make bread out of rocks…
sounds familiar ? – Guess what Jesus told the guy!?
Asian philosophy on the other hand, Hinduism, Tantra and specially
Buddhism got further into the Truth, they have stopped wasting their
time explaining why it is good to hold on to the Laws,
– they continue to tap into the constant flow of energy…

The Truth is: what-never-changes !
The Truth is constantly changing,
as real Stability is constant Motion !

Asian philosophy simply refers to the Perfect Circle or Sphere06_SYM_Tao
in a 3 dimensional space, with NO Beginning, NO End,
including the Yin & Yang, symbolizing the balance
of eternal motion, the energy in everything.
This is a scientifically proven Truth which
has the POWER of Gravityand governs all aspects of existents!

Wherever the circle ‘closes’, there is a Paradox, there is TRUTH
and the Transformation to another level of consciousness.
Yes guys, you should study this, Buddha was a true master IN IT,
he gave up all his possessions and all advise for FREE.

The TRUTH is everywhere, anytime and anyway, always FREE !
Yes, in the spiritual world there is a Free Lunch!

Just in the tradition of intellectual & corporate dishonesty
we learn from Mr. Ray that the fairytale of Aladdin has bingenie_1024x7681
told wrongly over the centuries.
We have to understand that the Genie
will fulfill unlimited wishes.
Whatever we desire, the Supermarket
of ‘enormous wealth’ is open for plunder !

So fellows, the markets open at 8:00 am, everything imaginable
is on the shelves for you to TAKE, endless supply for everybody
and don’t forget to ‘Super-size it’ ! – Great – Unbelievable !!??

Dream on, dream on…! – STOP – Irresponsible – Access denied !
– THINK !!

-How do you remember all these old stories about wishes ?
monkeys_paw(-if you ever had somebody sharing
a ‘Chicken Soup for the Soul’ with you)

Be careful what you wish for !‘,

the smart one had just one wish, :
-To be so rich that they didn’t want to wish anymore !

But, there are still a lot of people out there with big titles,
lots of education, whatever that means, and of course,
lots of money, they still believe in Quantity and not Quality

We have Quantity of Lives on earth, unmanageable for us, but what is with the Quality of these Lives ?
Quality of Water, Quality of Air, Quality of food, Quality of Education etc…

Quality can only be seen in Connection with True Content & True Context !

True Content is the wholistic awareness of the visible & invisible world in & around you,
the body, mind & soul consciousness.

True Context can only be seen in relationship to everything else in the Universe including the
ecosystems of nature & world economics and the ‘Collective Sub-consciousnes’ of all human beings.


With this awareness comes
complete Responsibility
which opens us up,
breakes down the walls,
ready to connect, to Give & Receive !

This Connection is the ‘Power of Attraction’ connecting you
with your fellow man, nature and the energy of the universe.
This experience of Belonging is the flow of Eternal Life…

Everything is connected ! and this is where I come into
the equation of ‘The Secret’, where I got challenged !

So Mr. Assaraf, Mr. Canfield, Mr. Demartini, Mr. Dooley, Mr. Doyle,
Mr. Proctor, Mr. Ray, Mr.Vitale and all the other profiteers …
you know as well as I know that The Truth is that your ‘secret,
the “Law of Attraction” is nothing more than a smart marketing scam
to fill your own pockets and to get into the “big limousines
together with these beautiful rich people which are
paying your dinner
”- (Vitale in Spiritual Marketing)

Please ask yourself, where did these people, you riding with,
made their money, – raping and steeling from Mother Earth or
secretly exploiting some fellow man in a far distant land,
or simply when are their limousines running out of fuel ??

hungerThink about these
pictures when you
make a wish !

NO, there is nothing
spiritual or even
honorable in what
you are saying !


You might be successful in a context of a victory in the
‘War against Drugs & Terrorism’ but in this ‘Day in Age’,
where humans globally & collectively facing bigger challenges, you are totally going the wrong way.

– As you said in the movie, the rulers of this world have tried
your ‘SECRET’ for centuries – unsuccessful in spiritual sense and
bankrupt in context of global economics.

Your ideas have no relevance in the Spiritual realm and/or in
the social political world. We call this reactionaries, neo-cons, demagogues misleading the people !
There is no grace in marketing newer & bigger houses, new limousines & beautiful rich people.
And please don’t corrupt modern science in the name of spirituality!
We have seen it all, first churches & governments and then weapon-,
oil- & tobacco-industry have tried for centuries to manipulate science.
You are the drug dealers for the ‘comfort addicted, & possessed.

You are caught with your fingers in the cookie yare.
If you want to tap into the ‘universal field of energy’, you should be
aware that we all are connected and every action causes a reaction.

You would call it : ‘Trapped in the causality of Karma !’ ;
– now we call this Butterfly Effect !

Very simple, a 5 year old can understand: If you ask for a response, you have to be responsible yourself.
Homo-sapiens have finally reached a point where they collectively
realize that the materialistic world has its limits and that the answers can only be found in a spiritual realm.

Now, after 2 millenniums, we should be able to distinguish between
the hierarchic, linear order of mainly Abrahamic Religions and
the non- discriminating, holistic Spirituality all people on this planet have in common.
Yes, many are ready for a transformation, they are tired of self serving religions,
politicians & corporations telling us their version of truth about the Law & Order of the Universe.

If we are honest seekers we will find the Power of Universal Truth
 – in ourselves.
Thanks to scientific research in Physics, Psychology, Kinesiology etc.
we have now more answers which can help even the most skeptical
of us to find New Awareness of a spiritual way to a higher conscience.
Away from the low energy attractor fields of Guilt, Greed & Fear…..
– towards the high energy attractor fields of Love, Life & Compassion.

So please keep ‘The Secret’ for yourself and don’t bather us
with this quagmire of the ‘Law of Attraction’, it does not withstand the simplest scientific scrutiny.
In the realm of spirituality your marketing scam is just as disgusting
as the money-traders in the Temple of Jerusalem.
Maybe look up these guys, Siddharta, Laotse, Plato, Jesus, Mohamed, Franz of Assisi,
Goethe, Tolstoy, Gandy, Albert Schweitzer, Martin Luther King, Mother Teresa, etc…
– all truly humble & wise people.

You attracted me, now you are truly welcome to join this discussion.
You have all the security of your wealth, you are better educated & articulated than me,
so what are you afraid of ??

Thank you for your attention,
Have a Wonderful Awakening Today !

2009 …and now the fixing game begins !

Watch the ‘Master Thinker’ and ‘co star’ of this nuisance, Bob Proctor
in his newest moneymaking scam, giving us finally
the 11 commandments of success.be the Force with you!
Right in line with Moses and the last Presidents of the United States !

“It’s not a matter of what is true that counts
but a matter of what is perceived to be true.“
-Henry Kissinger

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