Responsibility vs. Consequence


Japan: maybe “…the crisis is worse than first thought.”

Pardon me to ask, – since when ?

…environmentally or economically ?

Surprise surprise, here we go again:
Nuclear Meltdown, Tsunamis, Earthquakes, Droughts, even Wars…
All the stuff we call natural ‘Disasters’ are just representing
a Wild Chaos, the real Power of Life,

– and how do we respond ?

Here an update of an article I wrote 2 years ago: 

What does all this mean to us
in eco-nomic terms? 


…or, how much is a Shrimp worth ?

(-obviously much better ‘engineered’ than any man-made equipment !)

Ja, ja, ja, another disaster strikes
but how do we respond ?

– Obama style, – Calitos Way ?

How many wake-up calls do we need ?
Read the writings on the walls,
connect the dots between the Headlines !


Of course, economy & ecology belong together and are interdependent, as anything else in this world and on this earth.
And just when we gave up the hope for an ‘End of Insanety’, Mother Earth gave us another sign & warning, saying:
                                      –I am still alive & kicking, wake up and listen carefully !
As long as you can’t grow money on trees, you have nothing to corrupt the constant motion of life;                                                     Get real and respect the hands which feed you

Listen, earthquakes tsunamis & 0il-spills might be a different answer
to Kyoto,
Copenhagen, Cancun or Paris – than we expected ?

‘Catastrophes’ like this, wars, famine & epidemics are just symptoms of a deeper rooted imbalances on hand.
What can we expect from a ‘Linear Culture with a hierarchic order of discrimination,
segregation & limitation, totally addicted to Growth & Expansion.


Man-made or an ‘Act of God’,
destruction & creation are the dynamic of Life.

The simple questions are, how do we maintain our balance
in this dynamic, and how do we cope with this, what do we learn
from all of this and how can we make it sustainable for us, how do we adapt and fit-into it;
what is our response-ability here & now ?

When will we see the Events unfolding
in the Context to the Ideas behind it ?


A society, collectively infested with a mental disease of ‘linear thinking’, is ultimately trapped in concepts of reward & punishment, success & regret, good & evil, black & white,
life & death… – a perception, which is in disharmony with themselves and the environment..

Haiti, Libya, Japan etc., are consequently just a taste of what will happen to all of us, sooner or later…
– all of us who Secretly Attract, or openly Believe in the Facts & ‘Laws’ of a Beginning & End,
will eventually face their own projection, their ‘Truth’, the ultimately finish of their race to their Garden Eden…
– just hoping that they sold us the right ticket to pass the gatekeepers,
and that there is a ‘free-market’ economy in Heaven !?

Watch what you wish for, be aware what you hope for !
– Bottled water, conditioned air, genetically corrupted food, happiness on Prozac or ‘clean’ money…
– are not sustainable solutions for Haiti or any other problem on hand !
– We still need a fundamental & complete paradigm shift, not more of the same old, same old…

 When will we learn that REAL LIFE
will sustain all our affords of destruction,
that NATURE is stronger
than all our silly weapons of hi-tech !

No decision made at fancy Conferences, no new laws passed by powerful institutions or more
affirmations by high-ranking economists can get this runaway Linear Culture off track.
This culture will ultimately crash into its own definition of Armageddon !

Just simple choices, made by each of us individually, can overcome these fundamental dysfunctions
in life and initiate the healing process we all collectively need.
– to free our minds of discrimination & ignorance and overcome
this mental disease of a Linear Culture incl. the numbness of hope.
– to live in peace & harmony WITH Mother Nature, be a part of all Creation and respect all Life-forms Here & Now
– to join the river of life, become the energy of the water itself.

Or choose to continue our war against everybody & everything which
resists the restrictions & limitations of our hierarchic Order;
– or escalate our fight against Fear & Death with Growth & Expansion,
him justifying our torture & rape of man & earth with laws & religion.
– or hang on to your substitute-satisfactions which is constantly creating new addictions to consumption & success, but at the same time continues to deny our other brothers & sisters
free access to the common gifts of creation.

When will we understand that LIFE goes on…
-with or without us !

And then there is the constant mantra of “God bless…” this & that!
What do they mean? – Hasn’t their God blessed them enough ?…
– blessed the bombs & canons of world war I & II ?…
– Our Boys in Afghanistan & Iraq with inscriptions on gun-sights ?…
– or just blessed our markets with more growth & expansion,
and Americas ‘modern’ border to keep ‘the Others’ out, and our pockets full ?
– and maybe the millions of woman & children in Afghanistan, Congo, Darfur, Ethiopia, Iraq, Liberia, Pakistan,
Somalia, Zimbabwe… screaming for a helping hand, every day since they were blessed with life…

-And you, do you feel blessed ?
and when will be the time that you get dammed ?
What a pity !

My prayer is:
…please let the healing process begin, give us the Insight & Vision to recognize our
interdependence & interaction with the great ecosystems of Nature, and please, let us not make the same mistakes we did so many times before.
Please awaken our ‘Sense of Wisdom’ to learn & understand the complex patterns of life.
Open our Imagination & Intuition and give us Inspiration when we face the hypocrites & opportunists,  these oligarchs & banksters and all their marionettes who got us into this mess in the first place.
Let us take the chances of today and develop alternative political & economical structures & concepts, new systems which include, blend & harmonize eco-nomy with eco-logy !

Thank you for your time, let us find Solace & Peace in Less & Slow

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