Osama Bin Laden is Dead !

Now a week has passed since Osama Bin Laden, America’s greatest
boogeyman, and the worlds most wanted celebrity, got his long-coming bullet. 

The King of terror is Dead, Long Live the King of terror!
The monster of the east is gone, but the beast of profit is alive and well, planning the next operation.

In this spirit and down that ‘line’ of this paradigm, in his death Osama Bin Laden has defeated the idea of Liberty & Peace in Democracy once & for all.       – Long Live the Oligarchy !

What has bin accomplished by the charade in Pakistan, do you feel safer now,
has your world been changed by the death of a person ?
– We just celebrated Eastern, has the death of Jesus and the resurrection of Christ changed anything ?
The old testimonial curses are still haunting us. Nero, Hitler, Stalin & Saddam are dead
and we still have more war & destruction than ever before.

Something must be wrong with this whole idea ! ?

We know that nothing comes from Nothing,
Consequently,- nothing stands alone !

Most of these OBL’s out there, the villains & the heroes of the world, are just a Product of our Linear Culture.
 – A hierarchic culture with philosophies of polarizations, dividing the world in Winners & Losers,
 Victory & Defeat, Cowards & Heroes, etc.etc.

10 years ago, OBL joint the list of ‘The Greatest Celebrities of the Century’, and if you think about it,
a very useful figure for the most profitable business of all times: Fear & WAR !

 Now to

 Operation ‘Geronimo’

( Why wasn’t it called Mandela ?
so much about the discrimination
or even the racism this government
is displaying ! )


Shame on you Mr. President (Black or Brown), you, the ‘King of Peace’, (not the Prince of Pot)
with a Nobel Peace Price in your pocket, please read your Talmud, Bible or Koran, whatever it is.
– if you ask for tolerance & respected, you should not insult Americas First Nations or anybody else for that matter. These Red people granted you and your White buddies refuge, when you were fleeing the kings & tyrants of the old world. For the last couple of centuries, these honorable people have shared, more or less willingly, this beautiful land, their ‘Garden Eden’, with you.


Now you can even produce a birth certificate of a ‘Second Nation’,
created by ambition & greed,
founded on the blood sweat & tears of our common ancestors.


What a farce, what a disgraced for the ‘Free World’ or any form of
‘Democracy’, and the idea of ‘humanity’ in particular.

Betraying your very own principals of Equality, Liberty & Freedom, violates all kinds of Human Rights and undermines the entire stability & security of the international community.
This makes you and your government, once again, next to the Bushes, the villain and the outlaw of society.

The Dictator, the War-criminal & the Oligarch  

With your academic credentials you should know that the law is one of the most important pillars of democracy. Denying the people of America and in this case the entire World, the ‘Right to a Fair Trial’, puts you and your cronies right in line with the other hooligans & gangbangers of the notorious terror organizations & drug cartels.


All this is not just my opinion, no, this reflects your very own definition of Good & Bad, Law & Order,
of Fairness & Equality, your Values of Responsibility, Trust, Freedom & Ethics.

Everything in this operation was a contradiction to these rules of ethics and a clear violation of these values.
Perpetuating war & destruction with the old testimonial ideas of revenge & retaliation, justifying violence with patriotism & duty is, again in your very own view, an extremely bad example for future generations.

Your government openly promotes mobbing & bullying with “the Race to the Top” campaign;
you gave-in to the privatization of health-care & education. You leadership condones a prison industry which is just interested to have as many people behind bars as possible.

200 years ago Goethe wrote:
“None are more hopelessly enslaved than those
who falsely believe they are free.”

 And as we all know, here we have a privatized war,

a highly profitable Washiwood production with actors, screenwriters, directors & producers.
And the numb & dumb are buying it since years !

These simple plots, with these good, bad & ugly celebrities are constantly fed to the common people by the mainstream media. Here we find Charily Sheen, Prince William, Donald Trump, Harry Potter and Bin Laden entertaining us with juicy ‘News’.
…and the sheep rally around the flag.

…And the war crimes continue…
“The issue here is whether what was done was an act of
legitimate self-defence,…Killing a captive who poses
no immediate threat is a crime under military law as well as
all other law.”
said Benjamin Ferencz, international law
specialist and prosecutor during the Nürnberg trials.


Herman Göring, – got the trial & the bullet !

For that matter, the cowardness depicted in this Hollywood scenario would have been an embarrassment to any SS officer of the Third Reich, or for that matter, a shame to any Apache warrior ! – 79 well trained and heavily armed thugs raiding a property with 13 children, 4 women and 4 man with one AK 47 and a pistol.


This sounds more like an assassination commando of the Los Zetas in the Mexican drug war.  
These ‘heroes’ had all the gadgets of modern warfare to their disposal. – And they did blew your money.
– One of 4 Stealth helicopter was malfunctioning, they blew it up and shot a couple of unarmed people…

–  any police officer out there knows what an headache that creates.

So what comes next ?
The script is already written: 

Naturally the common people don’t want war… Voice or no voice,
the people can always be brought to the bidding of the leaders…
All you have to do is to tell them they are being attacked
and denounce the pacifists for lack of patriotism.  
Herman Göring

So be aware,
keep your eyes peeled
and your vision clear ! 

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