Organic business concepts

Ecology is the mother of Economics !

spider web

 Network Weaving


Only after redefining our ‘intelligence‘,
and the dissolution of all the preconceived biases, culturalization & mental preconditioning
in its entourage, we can fathom the precarious situation of humanity.
Then, with regaining real, social-emotional intelligence, and in response
to the
economic & ecologic challenges of today, we can develop new faculties of wholistic studies.
– Then, and only then, we can turn ‘
ack to the future‘ with the true & priceless wisdom of education.

We have fooled ourselves for centuries with ignoring the fact that everything & anything we have created, invented, constructed or developed, is the result of sensitive observations of our environment and the study of its natural patterns.

Biomimicry’s Cool Alternative:

Green Building,
modeled after
termite  mounds.





We have forgotten that simulating & emulating these patterns, selecting & adapting to it,
made us just Co-Creators of everything we so call ‘OURS’ today.
It is the time to rediscover these fundamental senses & skills again…
– Time to develop new forms of Eco-Pragmatism, making more sensible environmental choices in commerce,
and respond more carefully & respectful to the complex, and constantly changing organism of life.

• We have to ‘dig out’ and find our lost Social Emotional Intelligence to correspond, not only with our social entourage, but also with our environment as an whole.

We have to find a new Insight & Vision to see our collective
Interdependence & Interaction with the rest of Creation.

We need a Paradigm Shift, together with a new Super Logistics
for Body & Mind, to navigate the Chaos of Here & Now.

This basic transformation, beyond ‘The End’ of this Linear Culture, benefiting the individual as well as the collective, can only be achieved by a complete paradigm shift.

Here & Now we need a wholistic approach,
a fundamental change of everything we do in life…

  including a radical transformation of how we respond to our
environment in general, and how we do commerce in particular !

We do not need more corrections, another reform or a new revolution,
what we need is just a small & simple shift in our perception of reality !

 A Philosophy in Motion

Allegorically following the economic principles of a spider web…
this highly sophisticated, environmentally adapted, organically
constructed and strategically placed structure provides a spider
with everything nature has to offer in the most economic way !

This ‘spider web’ network-principle for example, has been observed & studied many times,
and was applied in many ways & forms including this Internet. Let us continue to learn more from the deeper, underplaying principals of the Spider-Web-Idea and other natural concepts.
With this in mind we can then continue to apply these complex patterns to our future business practices.

The ‘Network Weaving’ approach
is not only pragmatic but also possible !
And remember, this is simpler than you think !

– it begins with a few simple steps: inviting people into new conversations and introducing a new language of co-creation, about the values & principals of true responsibility & respect,
about the transformations of knowledge into wisdom, navigating in a non-linear environment of Chaos.
Introducing the competition-collaboration continuum’,
which will make any social & economic co-operations more possible.

“We shall hang together, or we shall hang separately. ”  Benjamin Franklin

Co-opetition : What can we do together that we can’t do alone ?

From the Periphery to the Core,
from the Center to the Horizon,
from the Insight to a Vision,
Multilateral & Cohesive


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