Many Ways we can change !

dollar-and-change-by-xandert1BUT WE DO NOT NEED MORE OF THIS ‘CHANGE’ :


We need to change our mentality from the ground up,
analyse our entire culture of thinking
and regain the sensitivities of our Social Emotional Intelligence.

We need to change our Paradigm of Possession
and shift to a new Quest for Belonging 


Now, with our leaders & experts of the Linear Culture in panic, we can see more and more books, articles & discussions addressing the issues of our Fundamental Believe Systems & Scientific Paradigms.

This is not a surprise in view of the enormous economic & ecological problems humankind is facing today.

Religious Fundamentalists vs. Secular Materialists…
– since ages, Muslims, Christians, Jewish, Sighs etc., are fighting, not just each other,
but also the Infidel & Atheists, Materialism & Science in all its forms & shapes. ≥ (Capitalism, Socialism, Communism, etc.)
We can witness all this in China vs. Tibet, or in the Mid-East Shiite vs. Sunnis etc. !
And all this starts right here & now with our philosophers & scientists,
teachers & thinkers. –  just read or listen to these smart guys :
Chris Hedges, Richard Dawkins, Sam Harris, Daniel Dennett, Christopher Hitchens

This is the same principal issue with our Kleptocrates, politicians & ‘economists’,
they are still arguing about ‘Creation vs. Evolution’,
and are so disconnected from Life that they fit all the criteria of Sociopaths!



They have declared war against Creation,
against Mother Nature itself !

And, as we can observe right now, Nature, Life itself, is taking its course, simply re-balancing itself.
The planet is activating all its immune systems to get rid of a disease, a virus we call the ‘human species’.

Many ‘leaders’ of our societies are highly ‘educated’, experienced & intellectual, they are very articulated & skilled in writing & speaking, they seem to argue ‘intelligently’ & sophisticated,
but are completely trapped in the old Linear Thinking of empiric science.

To limited in Ideas, and to fragmented in Greed, these con-artists of our nations are unable to answer or respond to the global challenges of today. This sort of ‘experienced’ minds who led us into this mess, how can we trust them to get us out of this – again ??




 ‘A wise man can learn more from a foolish question
than a fool can learn from a wise answer.’
Bruce Lee

So, how can we CHANGE these satanic weapons systems,
our unregulated toxic waste and all the terrible things
we are doing to our world, our Home, our-self ?

Substantial ‘things’ are common to all our friends above, they are a product of the LINEAR CULTURE    

My point is, that these ‘common things’ are fundamental and should be addressed in the first place. Instead, they focus on differences, argue in their old dialectic fashion and counting their chips.
They all are right in their own view and observation, if they could just stop for a moment before they come to conclusions and realize that we are just experience a small part of the Whole and that we are all in it together,

 30 We all belong

Instead, they just act like the 6 blind man arguing about what the Elephant of problems looks like.
They all follow the same old fundamental Believe Systems, complicating the issues instead of simplifying them.

“If you can’t explain it simply, you don’t understand it well enough.
Everything should be made as simple as possible, but not simpler.
When the solution is simple, God is answering.”

To find true solutions to our problems we need simple answers,
– answers which are universal and apply to everything in this world !
– solutions everybody on this planet can except and relate to.
The issues are globally, and a concern for the human race collectively,
but the solutions can only be found individually !?


We do not need more  Secrets !  – Nature has no hidden agenda !
We just lostsightof it, lost the spiritual awareness and replaced it with the materialistic Order of Religion.

– The Truth is: everything in this world supports life, – OUR LIVES,
and is an absolute Free Gift for everybody !
 YES, the Universe is Friendly !

We should stop our war against the rest of Nature !
There was never anything to fight anyway, and, as we can witness right now: we are loosing !

Be aware of people which claim to Possess the Knowledge, they just worship a ‘Philosophy of Possessions’,
a culture of Bullying & Prohibition, the underlying Paradigm of Fascism !

The Way We Think   ~   Determines   ~    What We Do  !

In view or awareness of these economic and ecological problems we are facing today,
we need to adopt new non-linear Thinking Systems for our Collective Consciousness !
We do not need another Reform or ‘Revolution’ we need
A Paradigm Shift , a shift from Prohibition to Acceptance !

Nothing is more terrible than ignorance in action.Goethe

Not ignoring and denying the fundamental problems is a huge awakening.
As soon as we recognize when and where we are going wrong it is entirely possible to change,
in fact we are half way there, and can ‘Change our Ways, Shift our Consciousness.

We can rediscover lost Sensibilities, refine our receptiveness, transform our personal Perception & Beliefs…
– this, and only then we will be able to develop new Global & Wholistic Systems,
Paradigms which include instead of separate, Belong rather then Possess…
We can embrace ideas which focus on the individual and on detail as a New Way to ‘Change‘ the Whole.

As Mahatma Gandhi says, “We must be the Change we wish to see in this world

It is time to reevaluate & transform our fundamental Believes,
to find the Common Ground,
our place on this Planet,
in this Universe,
in Life itself.




All together we received the Gift of Reflection, Questioning & wanting-to-know, longing for purpose & control of life. This desire for Knowledge, and the necessity to develop our Self-consciousness has lead us away from the collective-consciousness to the empowerment of the individual, the ego-‘center‘!
The  Individualization process has now become a much more conscious development :
In 1859 Samuel Smiles published the first  personal-development “self-help” book — entitled Self-Help.
The opening sentence: ‘Heaven helps those who help themselves’, provides a variation of ‘God helps them that help themselves‘, the often quoted maxim that also appeared in Benjamin Franklin’s  Poor Richard’s Almanac
An other self-help program, Alcoholics Anonymous, was started by, Bill Wilson and Dr. Bob Smith .
Their twelve-step program became perhaps the world’s most popular basis of self-help care.
This Individualization-process became the dominant path of survival after the eviction from the “Garden Eden


But somewhere, in the evolution of emancipation & individualization, we have lost the sense for the collective,
the identification with our clan, tribe, nation, mother-earth or ‘fatherland’, got lost as we conquered this planet.

This process became a path of discrimination, distinction & separation
and has lead humanity to where we are today.

Wherever our ‘civilization’ collided with Hunter & Gatherer societies we also found profound confrontations between the individual consciousness and the power of the collective sub-consciousness.
This relationship has bin the main focus of C.J. Jung’s works.
We transformed into societies & cultures which completely identify themself with the Laws of Possession !

With growing Globalization we have no room for fragmented collectives anymore, as in Gangs, Parties, Races or Nations, now it is time to find a new collective identification with this planet and all of ‘Creation’ as a Whole.
Our very own conscience, our individual Awareness & perception is the center of everybody’s individual universe.
Consequently, everything starts right here & there, – radiates OUT or  focuses INTO
the very individual center of the almost 7billion Souls out there.
As we know from modern science and old wisdom, anything is as good as its smallest common denominator.

Take the genetic affinity of our DNA for example, if there is just one little  flaw or misinformation in it,
the whole system is effected.

Fractals – Mandelbrot



Consequently, if we do not take care, intentionally or ignorantly,
of the smallest part of society, the kid in Southern Sudan,
the whole global civilization is in trouble.
Any Plan, Idea or Action which does not make Food, Shelter &
Education equally available & affordable to everybody on
this planet, has no ethical or social value for human society.

The solution has to starts right here and NOW, at the smallest common denominator,
– my very own individual consciousness, re-connecting with my sub-consciousness.
My two physical eyes re-connecting to my inner, 6-ajna1

Third Eye I !

Ken Wilber’s
“Eye of the Spirit”


We refer to this inner Eye or the Third Eye as a metaphor.
The I meets the I to see the whole picture.
Rasta also refers to it as the Holy Spirit living in us and making us complete as ‘I-and-I’,
to express the concept of our ‘Oneness’ with Jah/God…

The mighty sub-consciousness, the world of Imagination, Intuition, visualization, concentration and Self-mastery.

I can not express it in any other way, in order to leave the order of the Linear Culture we have to step aside,
hover above, go underground, think lateral & parallel to the present, re-discover our powerful, priceless & timeless 3I’s: 


Imagination, is more important than knowledge.
-Everything that is really great and
Inspiring is created by the individual who can labor in freedom.
Intuition is the only real valuable thing.
all quotes by Einstein

To Free ourselves from the Paradigm of Possession we have to practice unconditional questioning of everything !
Questioning everything we have learned so far or are taught right now, this is our Quest for Truth.
First we have to understand what distinguishes learning from conditioning.
We will recognize that most of the problems we facing today are arising from our conditioning, the way we were ‘taught’ to be.  Deeply ingrained in our mighty sub-conscience this conditioning was passed down to us over time & generations. Thru lifelong training sessions, forged into our minds, this involuntary conditioning has replaced most conscious learning with irrational, anti-social behavior & reactions.

“If we are not able to change our environment,
we have to change ourself !”

Victor E. Frankl 

Unless we change the way we teach our children & adults  fundamentally,   we will still hear the same question over and over again: Why is humankind repeating these mistakes over and over again, why haven’t we learned from these endless wars, the pathological greed of people and the deep despair of nature ?

Let us questioning what really matters to us, and recognize the difference between involuntary conditioning, and a conscious learning- process.
Let us learn & teach how to maneuver our individual spirit within the divine chaos of Life.
How to live in harmony and become One with the Whole.120px-jeetkunedo_svg

                                                                              Jeet Kune Do


The Taijitu symbol represents the concepts of yin and yang.The Chinese characters indicate:
Using no way as the way” &
Having no limitation as limitation“.
The arrows represent the endless interaction & dynamic between opposing forces.

Back to the Future, time is just one of our artificial limitations to trap
us in a time frame, stressing us to finish, whatever it is, – faster.
They tell us slow is negative, but, as we all know, slowness is nice
when it comes to making sex, or other moments we do not want to end.
These are the moments when we connect with our sub-consciousness,
indulged in the Sense of Belonging

So consider “Time is on my side

Open-up, ‘give-to-receive’ will reconnect us with our neighbors, our brothers & nature. Letting-go, falling-in-love, realizing that as an individual we are out-of-control but that we are part of the collective, and change will come with that awareness.
Let us rediscover our social affinity to each-other and to our environment as a whole, our Belonging !  red-music-notes16

“…Somewhere there is a place where we belong!” Pete Gabriel

The Awareness of Belonging
is the Fundamental difference
to the Paradigm of Possessions

Instead of controlling & dominating Creation,
it is the Awareness of Eternity in Life,
and excepting to be part of the Whole,
what constitutes the Shift.


Let us address the real fundamental addictions & diseases
of our society and let the healing process begin !
As our body needs exercise & nourishment so does our
damaged & dysfunctional ‘Social-Emotional Intelligence’.

                                Let us feel what you feel !

Our brain is not so much a Thinking Organ as it is a Social Organ”
Neurobiologist Gerald Hüther in his book “Manual for the Human Brain”

Lately Neuroscience has rediscovered that simple things like eye contact, touch and a natural voice will activate our Mirror Neurons, some call them ‘Empathy Neurons’, because they
dissolve the barriers between the individual and the collective and
are the basis of any rudimental ethical system.- as in monkeys.

We do not need the ten commandments they are just outdated laws of a hierarchic, chauvinistic, linear culture which is now bankrobbed by its own materialistic ideals of control & dominance.

Greed is to be possessed by possessions, the addiction to
attachments & transient things and according to Buddha, the origin of all suffering.
Transient things do not only include physical objects, but also ideas,
and -in a greater sense- all objects of our perception.
Ignorance is the lack of understanding how our mind is attached to
impermanent things. The reasons for suffering are desire,
pursuit of wealth & prestige, striving for fame & popularity, or simply
craving & clinging to the “Law of Attraction”.
Because the objects of our attachment are transient, their loss
is inevitable, -consequently suffering will follow.

Truth is constantly changing,
as real Stability is constantly in motion.

The Best and most beautiful Things in the World
can not be seen or touched,
they must be felt
with the heart !

Open up and listen to the  3I’s


in meditation & prayer…

This is The Change ; – leave behind the path of Discrimination,
Distinction & Separation which lead humanity to where we are today.

Your Transformation from a hierarchic, monotheistic Belief system
where a materialistic God stands for Law & Order, Money & Property
– to a New Spirituality which includes & respects all creation.

To Heal the fundamental imbalances & addictions of our society, we need to shift from Prohibition to Acceptance.

Our Paradigm Shift, away from a Linear Culture of fear & paranoia,
protectionism & War against spirituality and every Other Thing –  IN here & OUT there.

Legalize Spirituality – Legalize Imagination
Decriminalize the Remedies
Nature is providing !

for Everybody & Everybeing !


Life -Buddha

                                                                                                                                                                                          let us continue to change in no specific order…

Very simple:  “We shall hang together, or we shall hang separately. ”
                                                                      Benjamin Franklin

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