– are fundamental for any comprehensive system analysis;
they will help to set our Parameters-of-Awareness, – our Consciousness;
and are necessary to calibrate the mental bearings of our Inner Guidance System,
the Compass in Chaos

An illusive logic became a delusive belief.

Hierarchic Perception of Life

Philosophy in Motion ?

The problems we are facing today are symptomatic for the absence of philosophical thinking.
This ‘Love for Wisdom’ became an unnecessary subject in ‘modern’ life, an
impractical & unproductive discipline in a world where only tangible properties count.
Our ‘modern’ way of thinking is manipulated & indoctrinated by a monotheistic Belief in a
linear, hierarchic World Order, a system which is possessive & dominant in its nature,
and which divides & separates everything along the line of some rigid Laws of entitlements.
Since this way of thinking wants to isolate Philosophy from the other scientific disciplines,
it is no wonder that any traditional definition has its difficulties to outline its curriculum.

Philosophy or the ‘Seeking of Wisdom’ is the essence of our consciousness,
a vital part of our intelligence and our perception of the world.
A Philosophy does not emerge out of nothing, nor does it exist
in separation from other disciplines or subjects.

On the contrary, our Philosophy is in constant interaction with our environment,
receiving & processing intellectual stimuli & challenges from the outside world
as well as from within our mind. Philosophy is like an intellectual ‘enzyme
and absolutely necessary for the ‘digestive’ processes of the mind.
We need this wisdom to ‘ferment’ our experiences with other ideas,
to amalgamate our knowledge with Inspirations & Intuition, this philosophy develops
the Imagination & vision we so desperately seeking to co-create our Life, our world.

Therefore to better understand the co-creative nature of Philosophy we have to look at
the interrelationships it bears to other cognitive disciplines,
and the correlations it creates in our overall consciousness.

From science, health & education, to psychology, spirituality & social-economics,
every individual has to develop their own Philosophy which will open the door
to self-understanding, interconnect them with the rest of creation,
and guides them thru the chaos of life.



Throughout these sites I raise a lot of questions, and by making great use of
metaphors & allegories, I try to look beyond the obvious Linguistic implications.
This kind of analytical process is absolutely necessary to ‘make sense‘ of the psychological, sociological & ecological patterns of our natural habitat;
– and is fundamental for any real Change or Paradigm-Shift in our lives !


Decision vs. Choice

Decision-making is always reactive and relies on hope & believe.
These are, sooner or later, followed by disappointment, doubt & regret,
and new Decisions have to be made to fix the situation we did not choose.
Choices on the other hand reflect a completely different attitude & perception of life.
Choices are proactive and made with the confidence & optimism that
everything will work out, – one way or another.

Hope vs. Optimism

Hope is a Process-of-Balancing, not a Property or Attribute !

Conditioning vs. Education

Conditioning is the training of our sub-conscious mind & body-functions,
but Education addresses the conscious awareness to create knowledge & wisdom.

Subconsciousness vs. Unconsciousness

There are indefinite layers of consciousness,
from the all-including and underlying Super-Consciousness to the numerous layers of sub-consciousness.

A true sign of intelligence is not just knowledge & information, but also-

– belong to everybody, they are very real and most valuable !
Anybody can use them for FREE !

The Ideas they create are more important to us than any other experience in life.

These 3I‘s represent the Insight & Vision we so desperately need !

Imagination is everything, it is the anticipation & preview of life’s coming attractions.
Imagination is our Vision beyond the Horizon, and according to Einstein,
is way-more important than just knowledge.

… and then there is

The Idea of Fascism

– is spreading the mental mutation of a hierarchic, chauvinistic paradigm.
Now a highly contagious pandemic, this mental disease sneaks-in thru
the backdoor of subconsciousness.
The idea is to manipulate & control the Social-Emotional-Intelligence of the individual,
turning masses of them into consenting cannon-fodder & consumers.

United we are strong Illusion


Once considered the science of mental & physical health, then demonized and viewed as occultism & heresy by the Catholic Church, the whole concept of Psychology itself
became infested with the ‘new economic’ thinking.
Psychology was the perfect instrument to redesign human nature,
to create ‘happy’ & docile societies !
With the help of modern Psychology we completely deranged our perception of life,
turned reality into a big, ‘larger than life,’ collective delusion
After dropping ecology out of our economic definitions, it made perfect sense
to do the same thing with the psyche in psychoanalysis.
Instead of helping the mind to untangle itself from heteronomous decision-making-processes, and supporting the individual to live a life of Free Choice, the new ‘psychology’ was just a scientific reconfirmation or reinforcement of the common delusions.

Eternity ?


Eternity is a word for the intangible concept of the everlasting,
but constantly changing & transforming Momentum of Life;
– a linguistic expression for something Endless,
forever beyond & in-between Time & Space.

Eternity can not be captured, measured or detected by a devise or instrument,
it is abstract, irrational & incomprehensive for linear thinking;
– this is where Death becomes a part of Life.

The Paradox of a Final Beginning

Eternity encompasses absolute Everything,
and refers to a level of thinking where even Nothing is Something.

It is the unlimited & unrestricted Synergy of Motion
which can only be experienced or sensed
on a spiritual or e-motional level of consciousness.

Eternity is the infinite Reality within the Here & Now.

momentum jpg

Social Emotional Intelligence

Since nothing & nobody exists on its own and everything is a collective & common achievement, the Social Emotional Intelligence is the only Intelligence there is !

– The only Intelligence able to support the collective effort necessary to survive the environmental conditions, or climate of the future.

Social Emotional Intelligence (SEI) is our capacity to recognize our own, and other people’s emotions, to differentiate & communicate these feelings and to put them into a constructive & responsible relationship to our natural & social environment.

SEI is our ability to join empathy & emotions with rational observations & abstract thinking to enhance thoughts & understanding of interpersonal dynamics & collective consciousness. Humanity seems to have lost its common sense, this SEI; consequently, any effort to change, reform, renew or heal has to start right here & now with our Social-Emotional-Intelligence.

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