Hope vs. Optimism

or the Reflections of a Hopelessly Optimistic Mind.

Of course this is a linguistic problem, as it is a matter of context & content.
But, as all of the above is shaping our perception, it is also very important for our overall
awareness & consciousness;

– and Consciousness is all about our ability of Abstraction.

So what roll does Hope play in our linear Mono-Culture ?

Do You have Hope ? –  Do You possess Hope?
for what ? – Hope for better places, circumstances or time ?
Hope for Redemption or Salvation on Judgment Day ?

Or is Hope just a desire for more satisfaction, a blind & unreflected belief in some kind of ‘promissory note‘,
a ‘sweet’ behavior conditioned into us by sophisticated marketing concepts?20081208_hope_250x375
Conditioned by an educational system which is totally corrupted by
an economic doctrine of consume, addiction and debt-enslavement.
Conditioned to become productive citizens,
a commodity, the cannon-fodder for the rulers of this planet

maybe it is ‘just Hope’
for a ‘Just War’
in a silly theory of Divine Indebtment

The raising of collective Hope & Expectations with promises of all sorts,
is the favored occupation of leadership & decision-makers.
This way we create new enemies & competition every day…
– passing more laws & regulations to justify war & destruction against evil & disease.
But, hopeful expectations still harbor a stressful uncertainty & doubt, causing fear & anxiety
followed by greater promises, high expectations, and of course, more Hope etc…

Hope fathers Promises with the Addictions for bigger-better-more…

Hope is a linear guidance system, geared & calibrated to lead us from the past into the future,
leaving us with just two opposite alternatives: – to-have or not-to-have, back & forth, right & wrong…
Hope is a powerful emotion of unrest, always longing for better circumstances, places & times,
the ultimate motivation & motor of a hierarchic & chauvinistic belief system.
Hope always believes in a ‘greener pasture’, not here, but ‘on the other side of the fence’,
and has a hopeful trust in the promises of a bigger, better & brighter future.
Hope has always great expectations !

Behind the Linear-Paradigm of conquest and human world-domination,
the force of this Hope is fueling senseless growth & expansion,
our Race to the Top’ of the next pyramid.
Hope is just following some slick & flashy promises.


Our desire for belonging, to be connected and to be an integrated-part of the whole
became manipulated & corrupted by simple trickery :
– by just adding the idea of limitation & restriction to  the notion of free will & choice.
Creating a desire for something, raising expectations, and then manipulating them with more promises,
is probably the second oldest occupation on this planet, and the principals of marketing & propaganda.
From the ‘Promised Land’ to addiction & consumerism, this is the ‘game of the day’.
Believing in a ‘promise of redemption’ or the return to a Garden Eden’ became,
not only the religion of monarchies & dictatorships,
but also the underlying philosophy of countless pyramid schemes.
– Governments & economies are build on this paradigm.

Hope is the biblical story of Temptation & Divine Indebtment.Genesis 3
Arising from the doubt & anxiety of a lonely decision-maker, the divine commander,
the idea of free will & choice had to be challenged.
Unilateral decisions are followed by insecurity & diffidence, longing for (self)-approval, justification, and the affirmation of the new creation, very similar to our Post-Purchase-Rationalization process.
Add unhappiness, dissatisfaction and a boredom with the whole situation of Here & Now to the picture,
and the immature mind will give his new ‘toy’ a brake-test. (Talmud, Bible & Koran are full of these crash-tests)

Consequently, any outcome can only be seen as failure or success, and,
born out off insecurity & doubt, it is perceived as a reward or punishment.
Yes, ‘giving Hope’ is a tool for those who believe they possess a better & higher standard than others.
This theory of divine-command & hierarchic-order is the ethical justification for the control & exploitation
of everything less worthy. The common man is lead by ‘promises’-of-reward, and ‘fear’-of-punishment,
rewarded with wealth & happiness for obeying their commands, or punished with
suffering & despair for trespassing their visible & invisible property lines.
Expectations & promises, enforced by the ‘rigid Laws’ of a ‘hierarchical Order’, become entitlements,
and are doomed to be disappointed & violated just by time alone.
Constant change of circumstances & conditions disagree & collide with this kind of law & order constantly.
Consequently perpetuating the vicious cycle of indebtment, – the Obligation & Duty to repay or compensate
for received favors or committed felonies alike.

This way, Hope is not just following the promises of more fruitful knowledge, happiness & success,
but is also associated with disappointment & regret, more discontent & unhappiness…
– the dialectic of conditioning !
This constant conditioning, to hope for a bigger, better & brighter future
has made us loose our sense of reality, the conscious awareness of the Here & NOW.
This kind of hope is commonly used by marketing & propaganda,
constantly trying to sell us some new B.S., promising it will grow into gold, asking us to endure, so somebody else can make a profit.
The brainwashed & bleached mind is numbed by a process of over-stimulation,
and the constant feeding of cheap substitute satisfactions.


Today this linear hierarchic theory has arrived at its own limitations.

A more mature mind can understand, that a one-way street do not exist in real life,
that unilateral decisions do not work with natural processes or make any ecological sense at all.
Beginning & End of ownership, in any kind or form, is just a twisted idea in the sick minds of homo erectus.
The obsession with this kind of Law & Order is a mental disease, and very contagious delusion.

This Hope became a meaningless expression, an unbalanced equation, an outdated formula
in a linear, hierarchic thinking pattern, and is now deeply engraved in our subconscious minds.
Still, most ‘social’ activists of Change & Shift have not understood, or even addressed the fundamental
problems they are facing.  ‘Green’ or ‘Organic’ ideas & movements are still very much trapped
on the same ‘level of thinking that identified the problem’,
– same old, same old B.S., just another odor and in green camouflage.


To levitate our mind onto this other level of thinking, to this different state of consciousness,
it is absolutely necessary to understand the synergy & dynamics, needed for sustainability & continuum…
It is of fundamental importance to alleviating ‘just Hope’ to a new awareness of Belonging,

Completion is the absence of ‘the End’
and we can complete the ‘linear’ equation, and find alternative solutions, by :

transforming Hope into a more natural Optimism,

– the Optimism which is content with the past, happy in the moment and has trust in the future.
Optimism is an attitude of faith, an appreciation of the conditions & circumstances in the present,
a confidence in Life as it presents itself in the Here & Now.
Optimism is a constant motion of Gratitude, and should not to be confused with the duties & obligations,
created by our entenglement with indebtness.

Optimism stands for Free Choice & Independent Will.
Optimism does not fight the circumstances, it complements unfolding events with creativity.

This makes us all co-creators, and gives us happiness not by divine command,
but by the grace of our own creativity.

A great attitude change comes with the realization that all life, including our own, is eternal,
and that all of ‘creation’, indiscriminately & collectively, is gifted with an abundance of ‘Life’.
The awareness that we have never left the ‘Garden Eden’, and that there are no restrictions or
privileges ‘written in stone’, can put us in ease with the uncertainties of the future.
The fear of future punishment or damnation can now be replaced by a gratefulness for all the ‘blessings’  we received.

Decisions rely on Hope – Optimism lives with Choices.
Most decisions respond or react to an unpleasant situation, and belong to ‘a life we did not choose’.
Decisions are ‘choices made’ for somebody else, or on-behalf of others, and therefore an
absolute necessity to keep an hierarchic system functional.

                      Optimism is the Mother of Free Will and Individual Choice.
In the presence of the moment we are just a witness & observer, experiencing our environment
in a constant motion. Excepting this constantly changing ‘Truth’ as a Reality, and recognizing
that we are an integrated part of this eternal flow, gives us a new awareness of Belonging.
Reconnecting with our Environment, returning to our ‘Garden Eden’, right Here & Now,
is opening this new level of thinking Einstein was referring to.
This new Awareness is taking down the mental barriers which kept us philosophically imprisoned for eons.
This new consciousness will transform the ideas & theories of an hierarchic, chauvinistic order into
a milestone of human history, just on the wayside and weathered by the elements…
– now we can look for ecological solutions, rather than economic answers !

This awakening gives us a different Perception of Reality, and sets a whole new liberation process in motion.
This new consciousness eases the stress associated with the uncertainties of promises & expectations.
This new faith in life can be fearless of any disappointments & repercussions, normally associated with Hope.

This is the absolute confidence,
that any choice we make,
any way we take,
it will be on our path to perfection & completion.
Optimism is the excitement of anticipation.


With this Optimism we are unrestricted, we can move-on, think & learn freely without limitations.
Now we can live-on, with no fear of rejection or condemnation at the end.
Optimism does not need the Promises & Hope where the stress of uncertainty is numbing our senses.
Here we do not have to live-up to meet anybody else’s expectations,
we don’t need to pray for Hope & courage to win or survive our next  war
against another ‘enemy’ or a new evil.

Understanding and living within this new reality, requires a completely different approach
to the whole idea of ’Chaos’. Navigating though these uncharted ‘territories of our mind,
corresponding with the untamed wilderness of creation, needs a whole new set of ‘skills’.
Distinguishing Decisions from Choice is as important as it is to understand the difference
between Learning & Coditioning or Hope & Optimism.

By Living in the Present we are learning from the past and preparing for the ‘ride’ ahead,
getting ready to cope with the challenges of tomorrow, to adapt & respond to the constantly
changing circumstances.

We need the Choices of a Free Will to get us in harmony with the Synergy of Creation.

All the ‘big decision making’, is holding-on to an outdated believe system of Law & Order,
and has thrown us completely out-off-balance with the Dynamic of Life.
It is pivotal to understand, that instead of being forced to make decisions,
we have the freedom & ability to make conscious Choices;
– the confidence in this choice-making-process is Optimism !

Choices respond to the subconscious emotions of Desire, Longing & Craving.
Before they become unbalanced addictions, Wisdom & Knowledge can ‘translate’ them into
conscientious Attractions, and transforms them into prudent Wishes.
Therefore we need more Insight & Vision, and learn how to use our 3I’s :

Intuition gives us a Longing for Balance & Harmony with our Environment & our Self
Imagination creates the Wishes for Awareness, Knowledge & Understanding ( Wisdom )
Inspiration opens body & mind, our multi-sensory awareness to receive & absorb everything (Responsibility)

Real choices require Opportunities & Intuition,
they amalgamate Possibilities with Imagination,
they represent an Interdependence of Circumstances & Inspiration !

Our 3Is are free and can take us back in time, or project us into the future.

These Dreams & Visions are not to be confused with Hope, they are just a different perception of reality.
They are a gift of ‘seeing’ the future, past & present in a different context and free of promises,
expectations & hope.

The Nature of Life is Optimistic – in General,
and Pessimistic in the Particular !

Everything inhabits the dynamic of life; Constant motion guaranties continuum & sustainability.
Contrast & polarity are inseparable from balance & harmony, so is Pessimism absolutely necessary
for the choice-making-process.

glass-half-full-or-hal-empty The glass, half full or half empty, doesn’t mean anything
until we chose to do something with it.
This is our given Opportunity,
leaving us with endless Possibilities
to change the Circumstances.

But to keep things in motion, our conscious choice
will require all the fear & pessimism we can Imagine.
– We can drop the glass and loose all the precious content;
the content can go ‘bad’ or become better with time etc.
What can we do with all of these ‘gifts‘, today or tomorrow ? – the Endless Possibilities are here & now !

This paradigm shift ‘embraces the devil’;
fear & pessimism become important players in (our) Life,
keeping our ‘compositions‘ in harmony and our creations in balance.

With this Faith & Trust in the Harmony & Balance of Life
we are able to make responsible choices with no regret in hindsight.
The Certainty & Confidence of Optimism is fearless of any repercussion.

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