Fri.13.Insanity !

Modern Borders

Friday, Aug. 13  marks the 49th anniversary of ‘The Berlin Wall’ !
This so called ‘Modern Border’ divided the city from 1961 to 1989.
1,393 people paid with their lives, trying to cross from East to West,
from one ‘German Democratic Republic’ to another Germany, – the BRD.
Over 200,000 people had left East Germany the year before.

Commemorating this insanity today,

! Obama signs $600m US-Mexico border bill !

to increase security along the US-Mexican border !

Yes Bill, Joe & Juan
now you can see
where ‘we‘ will deploy
our homecoming


Yes, against You, Brothers & Sisters !!
–  Protecting & Defending ‘ouraddictions

Paranoia strikes again !

G8/G20 – Insanity strikes ! – again !

-remember, remember, the day…  ! ?

19 Years ago,  – October 1991 !

If we are to achieve sustainable development, we will need to display greater responsibility
for the ecosystems on which all life depends, for each other as a single human community,
and for the generations that will follow our own, living tomorrow with the consequences
of the decisions we take today
Kofi A. Annan, Secretary-General of the UN

Today, 19 years later, the oligarchen and their puppets are
still continuing to insult our intelligence with their rhetoric !

“On the eve of this G-20 gathering, let’s look at a few facts.
Fact, the world has divided into rich and poor as at no time in our history.
The richest 2% own more than half the household wealth in the world.
The richest 10% hold 85% of total global assets and the bottom half of humanity
owns less than 1% of the wealth in the world..
The three richest men in the world have more money than the poorest 48 countries…”
Maude Barlow:  Council of Canadians /  Blue Planet Project.


NOW, July 2. 2010
In the wake of another G8/G20 meeting:

Haven’t we heard it all before,
haven’t we seen it all,
again & again. 

Blinded by deceptions of beliefs,
claiming ownership to everything & any-thing,
continuing with the madness,
sustaining wars against every-thing imaginable.

Law & Order dominate
with ignorance & arrogance,
imprison body & mind,
building visible & invisible barriers everywhere.

Trapped between property-lines,
limited & confused by Beginning & End,
afraid of Life & Death,
clueless in Hope & Vision
in a haze of addictions & success,
where sophisticated conditioning has replaced basic education,
yes, the affirmation of insanity continues…

Doing it over & over again,
this disease continues to grow & expand;
and all it does,
is fighting time & space,
demanding more money & recourses…

more eco-nomy – less eco-logy,
more separation,
more segregation,
more imbalance & disharmony !

Numb & irresponsible,
all the real wealth of this planet is
treated with disrespect,
run-over by science & technology.

“Nuke the Whales for Jesus !”

Monsanto GM seed ban is overturned by US Supreme Court

  The G8/G20 summit where Stupidity meets Arrogance !

Remember ? – BBC News July 8. 09 : Leaders of the G8 leading industrial countries have agreed to try to limit global warming to just 2C (3.6F) above pre-industrial levels by 2050.

Great, – I wish we could smoking something like this over here, without going to jail, – but to get paid for it.
If this is the best humanity has to offer, you can kiss our species goodbye !

After the G20 had nothing better to offer than calling for more “Growth”, 
this bunch of ‘Leaders’ has really shown us how limited their Consciousness is !
 – or is there  an other agenda ?

With no idea what is going-on in Life and on this Planet, they are simply Criminally Negligent  – (The failure to use reasonable care to avoid consequences that threaten or harm the safety of the public and that are the foreseeable outcome of acting in a particular manner.)

Since a few thousand years we are trying now to make peace with our fellow man, and to divide the gifts of this planet between a growing number of people.  Just coping with these, our social issues, we are still prejudice against Race, Class, Gender, Sexual-orientation, Age & Religion etc. 

All we have achieved is to build-up a huge arsenal of nuclear weapons,
able to destroy OUR entire planet, – a few hundred times !?
+ a bunch of ‘intelligent’ Spy & Killer Drones which cannot tell
the difference between “an ass and an elbow” !
Now, this same ‘Intelligence’ which has build Walls & Fences  to keep people in & out of properties,
but is unable to maintain dikes & levees to keep them safe & dry,
wants to ‘limit global warming’ – ?? – Da daah ??-

 This was announced by some of these ignorant super dummies, in a town just leveled by an earthquake which they could not predict or even prevent.
They are unable & incompetent to control even the ‘simplest’ manmade actions like War, Population-growth, Food-supply, Property-distribution, Health & Education.  

– Just connect the dots …

June 12.09 ! 
“Lightning delays shuttle launch”
“Endeavour launch postponed again”

Now, after centuries of war against Nature & Spirituality, the ‘Leaders’ of this sick Linear Culture
have the arrogance to announce the attempt to “limit global warming? – like speeding or drug-abuse ?
Limiting earthquakes, sunshine, hurricanes & birth-rates ??

Sounds like another Nuke the Whales for Jesus approach !
My simple math does not even add-up to 10billion viewers for the “Zimbabwe has Talent” show in 2050 ?

      Think again – 

                             … and again !sof2009


This is the same shortsightedness which has
lead us to this ‘End of the Rope’ !
In other words, and this is for the Materialists,
Life & Nature will just throw us all into
the compost of History & Time,
recycle all the junk we produced,
and continue without our self-righteous arrogance & ignorance.

This will be the ‘End’ of Quantity & Size, not the end of the world,
a small economic adjustment of Nature;
-Natures answer to blasphemy and the return to a Life of Quality & Balance.

A small word of advise for those who believe & live in this Paradigm
of Good & Bad with Opportunities & Limitations etc.:
– it would be better to chase these parasites out of town
Their agenda is the consolidation of the New World Order,
– the now well established Global Oligarchy.
Forget Democracy, just open your eyes and see what they mean with Globalization, Growth & Progress; 
more raping & violation of Mother Earth,
more exploitation & enslavement of men & beast,
more limitations & entertainment for you and me,
more divisions & wars,
more walls, fences & prisons for US

– means more Profit for THEM, the less than 0.1% (6.7mil) !

Headline : Goldman Sachs sees bumper profit” – again !?

The logic is striking, a Linear Culture is finally reaching its own definition of ‘Limitation
  – ‘The Beginning to End’ theory !
Hope is all you have beyond that point ! 

And remember:

                      You can not eat your BlackBerry !

But for those who refuse to belong to this limited Linear Culture
you can just standby and watch Real Life to unfold !
With no Ends and Limitations in sight we can only have
Compassion for these fools, digging their own graves;

Lost in translation, they can not read the signs,
they don’t  know where they Belong !

Do you know where you belong ? 

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