‘Decision Points’ ?

 or questioning our democratic consciousness

An American President going to war vs an German Chancellor

(→ and Here the aftermath 2014)

        Respecting the choice of the people is, supposedly, a fundamental principal of democracy.
A commander & chief, leading people by decisions, depends on the subordination of others,
and clearly belongs to the  hierarchical concepts of Aristocracy,  Imperialism & Fascism
From Julius Caesar to Adolf Hitler we had enough democratically elected Leaders showing us
how to deprive the people of their freedom of choice.


   -Cecil Rhodes:
          “all of these stars,
           these vast worlds that remain out of reach.
           If I could, I would annex other planets ! “





There is a difference of grave importance between Decision and Choice.
Decision-making, Leadership & Compliance
are the virtues of a hierarchic order.
From Moses to Caesar, from Napoleon to President Bush, these ideals are preached in schools & universities, seminars & conventions all over the world.
From the Kingdoms of Arabia to the Oligarchies of Democracy, from the Military to Commerce,
decisions belong to the fundamental principals of Monarchies, Empires & Dictatorships

Since Plato, the Romans or  the Weimar-Republic we know, that the idea of a Republic is also coming
with severe shortfalls in regards to the principals of a constitution. ( Second Amendment )
Democracy is facing fundamental problems when it comes to power-sharing and the representation of minorities. Besides an empty promise of equality & freedom for individuals, this system has not much else to offer.  – The rest, the minority, has to yield, submit & obey the ruling. This archaic doctrine of Supreme Order, Domination & Elitism still wants to dictate our life on earth.

– As in his book ‘Decision Points’, president George W. Bush, bluntly reveals his understanding of democracy, a system where the Will-of-One or a Few takes away the last & only Real Freedom
a person has, –  the Freedom of Choice.

No big surprise here,
– a culture of modern
bullies from the West
in bed with a bunch of
old Tyrants from the East


Now we can see how Georgie’s ‘heroic’ decisions have cost us dearly, not only our rights & freedoms,
but also many lives and an immense stress on our environment = economy & ecology

Blinded by outdated beliefs and brainwashed by sophisticated propaganda, most people do not understand that there is just a democratic polling process,
                  – Voting is just an account of preferred choices amongst a number of people.

We are far away from a Philosophy of peace & freedom,
a system which would guaranty a sustainable coexistence on this planet.

Whoever is serious about Changes should have a closer look at the fundamental rules & ideas behind the forces trying to supervise our lives.
                                                                     Connect the dots…

We don’t need more Autocrats, what we need today is
Visionaries, Motivators & Inspirators
with real Integrity & Wisdom.


Decision vs. Choice

Intelligence implies the concept of choice
not that of decision-making.
Decisions just slice-off and separate things.
That led to the great misconception that
Decisions & computer are intelligent.

here now an alternative way of thinking !

Decision-making is always reactive and relies on hope & believe.
These are, sooner or later, followed by disappointment, doubt & regret,
and new decisions have to be made to fix the situation we did not choose.
Choices on the other hand reflect a completely different attitude & perception of life.
Choices are proactive and made with the confidence & optimism that
everything will work out, – one way or another.

Decision Points’ are just a hypothetical & fictional component of a Dogma,
and, all within the Paradigm of a Linear Culture, full of artificial restrictions & limitations.
We should be aware that in Nature dominance represents
imbalance and is immediately provoking a counter-balancing process.

Life is not a question of making or taking  decisions,
but a Process of constantly making & taking choices.

Real Choices Require a Conscious Awareness.

A Choice represents an interaction between Opportunities & Intuition,
a combination of Possibilities & Imagination,
an  Interdependence of Circumstances & Inspiration !(3I‘s)

The Power of Attraction at work,
connecting the Seer with the Seen,
the Attractor with the Attracted,
making us co-creators of everything,
releasing the Synergy we so desperately seeking .

To make Choices, we need Insight & Vision to see
the depth of Opportunities presenting themselves everywhere.
– We need fantasy & creativity to work with countless Possibilities;
–  balance & harmony to adapt to the constantly unfolding Circumstances .
Learning & Teaching  these dynamics will give us the necessary
confidence & peace to respond, and to make our choices easily.

– being able to choose is Freedom.

Decisions on the other hand, are taking possession of Opportunities,
exploit the Possibilities, take advantage of the Circumstances.
Decisions are the ‘my-way or the highway’ of Laws, disempowering us of making our OWN choices,
distracting us from  OTHER Opportunities.
Decisions impose a ‘one sided’ order which is in disharmony & imbalance with the abundance of Possibilities, disconnecting us from the circumstances of our environment, the eternal pulse of life !

Choices are ‘The Path’ of Responsibility, Consensus & Cooperation,
– something our world desperately needs.

Copenhagen, Cancun, have shown us that the world does not need
more Decisions and new Laws but an awareness of this Paradox:

‘Decisions-made’ are Choices sub-conciously taken ! 

We need some Insight & Vision to recognize that with our outdated Belief-System of Law &  Order
and making-Decisions-at-Conferences we distance & separate us more & more from our environment, our life. Again & again we are choosing a way of dominance, growth & expansion instead of tolerance, consent & restrain.

Choosing a sustainable way of life will
combine & incorporate
Eco-logy with Eco-nomy.
The Eco-nomy of Sustainability.


! This is the new way of thinking !

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