About our Conditioning – Addendum

In most cases it doesn’t matter how much we understand the problem itself,
but how to recognize the mental processes leading up to it.

Education is 1

We are all conditioned to behave this way or another, and it is deeply ingrained in our sub-conscious mind
how to respond or react to a challenge or situations.
Most of our reactions & responses have become an involuntary reflex, just like pulling our hand off a hot stove.
Often, when we are facing a problem in life, we deny or ignore the facts because we think it’s a ‘natural’ reflex.
– But it is anything else, but not ‘natural‘ response.
Most reactions are conditioned, passed down to us thru time & generations.
It’s like seeing a piece of rope and screaming in fear of a snake.
If we are conditioned that way, this is how we will react to a harmless rope.
We might understand that our fear is irrational but it does not change our response.
This reaction is forged into our minds thru lifelong training sessions,
and it takes even more time to change & control this behavior.
Can we look at something ‘objectively‘, and does this ‘Reality‘ really matter, does it matter to us at all ? We can sit back after a fury and wonder why we reacted that way and why we were not conditioned for that;
– why did we just reacted like ‘flesh to the fire’ ?

Let us awake and start looking ‘behind’ & ‘underneath’ the obscurities of the occurrence,
let us find out what is arising from the depth of our sub-conscious mind.
Then let us questioning what really matters to us and distinguish
between our involuntary conditioning and a conscious learning process.

Being alert at every moment, recognizing how we perceive things and what we ‘make of it’,
– what are we using to ‘kindle the fire‘ and how are we ‘feeding‘ this problem.
Eventually we will see what is really happening around us and how it effects us,
we will recognize what is real knowledge and what is just a product of our conditioned mind.
Then we can start taking control of it, slowly stop feeding it, it will deflate and lose its force.

After this ‘weeding‘, our true ‘Self’ can begin growing from within again,
we can free ourselves from all the accumulated illusions & confusions,
our mind can ‘breath‘ freely again and we will see the simple truth in life.

The majority of our sub-consciousness is programmed in the first 5-6 years of life, starting before birth.
But after that, our Linear Culture has declared war against whatever this sub-conscious mind brings up.
-And the war against questioning the uncontrollable, illogical 3I’s of sub-consciousness continues…


We do not teaching the fundamentals of life anymore,
self-discovery & self-analyses are not part of our curriculum.

Sub-consciousness has the dynamic of the Chaos,
and we are tangled-up in its network of Entanglement

Real education is about teaching & learning how to maneuver the individual spirit thru the divine chaos of life,
and how to live in balance & harmony with oneself & the ‘Rest of Creation‘.

Intelligent Design’ and Evolution are not contradictions,
and both, Evolution & Creation should be taught in schools.


We need to reactivate our Social Emotional Sensitivities and redefine Intelligence !
We need to R-evolutionize our way of teaching & learning !
We need to loose our fear to approach all sides of the elephant !
We need to discuss & debate all issues of life fully and openly !

We do not need to compartmentalize, specialize or polarize learning any longer.
Not only our children need free access to real education, but everybody else on this planet,
regardless of social status, race, age or gender, deserves free information & knowledge !

By opening-up and embracing it all, we might start to comprehend
the ‘Grand Theory of Everything’ and find our Wisdom’ a bit easier !


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