…and we could see it coming!

Can’t you see the writings on the wall ?

“All growth is a leap in the dark, a spontaneous unpremeditated act
without the benefit of experience.”
  Henry Miller

11.11.10  Rememberance Day (King GeorgeV cannon-food celebration)

G20 summit in Seoul

President Obama says he hopes an agreement will “…help us track and encourage balanced and sustainable growth“,
defending the US currency manipulation by adding: “When all nations do their part… we all benefit from higher growth.”

? Fixing trade imbalances ?

Now they got their globalization, the ultimate playing-field for open competition, privatization & deregulation…
         – a Free Market Economy.
But now, that they are holding the short end of the stick, they are crying murder, asking their ripped-off customers, all the exploited laborers and betrayed citizens of the world to restrain themselves and bail them out ?
                                                 Ridiculous !

No, I do not belief in their Santas & Easter-Bunnys anymore !
Go Home, wherever that is, and eat money !

Long time ago Goethe wrote:
                                   “None are more hopelessly enslaved than those
                                     who falsely believe they are free.”

 Go back to school, Mr. Obama and take all your cronies with you !!
(- and don’t forget to pay for a real Education)


“…now this is what a 7% growth means, 
                                       – most people don’t have a clue !”

The growth
in any doubling time
is greater than the total
of all preceding
growth !

Hasn’t our civilization grown-out off the Dark Ages, Haven’t we finally grown-up and matured ?
Let us just stop changing diapers over & over again.
What we need now is a complete Paradigm Shift.
A key to that shift is found in answering a simple & fundamental question:
                                                    Where does all or any Growth come from
                                                        and where does it ultimately lead us ?

Are we not aware that nothing comes from nothing,
and everything else comes from something ?

a Nov.6.10 Update:                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   

 Aug.27.10 Update:

“The issue at this stage is not whether we have the tools to help
support economic activity and guard against disinflation…”

Federal Reserve chairman Ben Bernanke


against disinflation = for inflation

-Printing more money and bailout the Banksters !

– Yes, still clueless and blowing bubbles


I’m Forever Blowing Bubbles,
pretty bubbles in the air,
they fly so high,
nearly reach the sky,
then like my dreams they fade and die. 

(1919) Kenbrovin/ Kellette 



                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           More Money to keeping us enslaved with debt !
More Growth to plunder the earth !
More Power to seize our rights with Law & Order !
In the name of Good denying us the access to abundance !
In the name of Justice stealing from you & me and the rest of creation !

again & again ?

Wake up !



Identifying the problem ?
What do we tell our kids ?
What did mom & dad learn from all this ?
How do we deal with this trauma of being victimized ?


Whose fault is this ‘credit crunch’ Mr Obama ?

Ok, I understand, we let the Torturers, Killers & Thieves get away with this….
– but we continue slapping our kids on the hands for steeling out of the cookie jar;
– or just putting them in jail for numbing their pain & distress with Drugs, noise and other non-sense.

And do not trust these ‘Babysitters’ again, watching house & kids
while you are out partying, they are a complete failure ! 

And be aware of everybody
who charges you
for Knowledge & Wisdom.

They are totaly corrupted by
a society of bullies $

 Have you ever ask the simple question:

Now that the Linear Culture is Bankrobbed,

? Where did all the Money go ?    



 Somebody must have made an incredible


                                                    fortune over the years !



?  And now they lost it,
and according to the media, All & Everybody lost it.
So where is it now

 If it is Real it must be somewhere !?.
– Is it hidden under some rock in the desert, or did they send it to a new planet ?
But, I assume they would not need plastic- or paper-money there,
and then, which currency would they take  there anyway?
– or are we just Conquering again, exploiting & raping another Planet..

                     – What is the mindset of these people ?images

Or is it just phony Monopoly Money

with no Real Value,

no Real ‘Estate’ behind it, 

the BIG ILLUSION of our society ?


Then, what is the Real Value Here & Now and who possesses it ?

Yes, I mean who, as in a Person or a group of persons, -a Corporation !
If you dig deeper, as we have seen in many movies, and simply ‘follow the money ,
you will find the motive and  the
Real Criminals.

For years & years we were told that this hierarchic System of – they up there and we down here,
is the best we can hope for and that it is in the
context of Freedom & Democracy. Then “The Few up there took their Freedom and told us that it would be OK for us to exploit the planet with all the OTHER creatures & resources in & on it.

‘The Secret’ Law of Success was infinite Growth !

Now the System of this Linear Culture arrived at its own END,
just the End of Growth and Expansion, = miss-calculus !
All the new rhetoric about ‘Hope’ is just empty nonsense,
and still we have to listen to this stupidity every day over & over again !


More Fun for the 0.0001 % of the population ?
More Stealing & Exploitation,
More Raping of Our Mother Earth,
More Killing & Torture,
more insanity ?

Now, in the tradition of our Laws, we should ask 3 simple, trillion $ questions :  Either the Leaders, Presidents & Experts, the people we gave our Trust, were really

a) criminal incompetent – answer: we did not know !

b) criminal negligent –  We could not do anything about it because it was an ‘Act of God’; 

 and/or simply with

c) criminal intentions We are not finished yet, trust us, we continue our business but we need more of your help and Really you have no choice because we own you, ‘we have you by the balls.’

All of them have one thing in common, they are IGNORANT !

          …and we knew it all along !

‘The Few’ successful Kleptocrates got fewer & fewer just because human population was growing too.
 – and now these ‘Madoff-crooks’ started stealing amongst themselves and we just got into the crossfire, cannonfood as usual !

– 10,000 year of fighting over The Loot !

Now we do not have Kings & Tyrants anymore but a global Oligarchy which took charge of the planet and redistributed that wealth .
What was Common-Wealth, the Gift we all inherited from the Creator, God, Nature whatever you call it,
was again privatized, including the ‘Human Resources’:

…thanks God, we have our bloody Slave-masters back again!

…isn’t it startling to witness such Prophecy unravel before your eyes !?


The loss of Our Habitat “Dwarfs the bank crisis” by far !

Now that our playground of Life, OUR Planet is destroyed and we have lost our consumer ‘Paradise’, we still have no ideas where & how we fit into all of this. Where do we stand, 

 where do we belong in this picture?_45628718_g20family_getty_i466


Dumb & compfortly numb as our ‘Education’ made us, conditioned to the scientific Laws of a Linear Culture, we still believe in the propaganda of more control, bigger successes, better future, faster recovery and on and on and on…

What are OUR REAL Fundamental Values on Earth & in OUR LIFE ?


REAL Fundamental Changes can only be made by asking REAL Fundamental Questions.

? What is the Fundamental Idea or Philosophy behind this ?

Who and what gives somebody the Fundamental Right to own and control the gifts of life &  food-production, -our planet, water, earth & air ?

Why don’t we teach the Fundamental life-skills in our Schools and Universities and why do we have to pay for ‘education’ or is it not REAL education, just training & conditioning to fit-in or drop-out of `Their System’.


This is the End of the Linear Culture,

What change

Now we need a Paradigm shift !


                            Duck – Rabbit – Illusion ?!





This site is a Contemplation about our lives and the Relationship to the Whole !


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