Copenhagen, Cancun, Durban and beyond…

  more dysfunctions are exposed !

Leaked US diplomatic cables now show why Copenhagen failed.

Dispatches reveal that the US & China,
the world’s top polluters,
joined forces to stymie every attempt
by the Europeans to reach an agreement



Dysfunctional Eco-nomy is dysfunctional Eco-logy,
exposing the End of a dysfunctional Culture !

Wake up, the insanity continues !

As it continues to ‘Leak’, dishonesty & betrayal are
the name of the game at these conferences, a big Farce and cover-up.
They just feeding us a bunch of B.S. dressed in Green.

The tyrants, gangsters & sociopaths, these more or less
elected leaders of our nations, are selling us out.
This scum of the earth has no other intention than to
organize their crime, plundering our planet and fighting
over the loot. 

Hope for so many !


But what does Hope

realy mean ?

… just watch Annie Leonard’s…

… and then think again,

? Social eco-nomics in a Linear Culture ?


                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         Our gifts & skills to adapt to our environment were systematically
replaced with a Belief of Domination & Expansion.
Intolerant, monotheistic Beliefs, obsessed with Possessions, have
finally developed a purely materialistic Linear Culture
in which everybody is senselessly struggling to get on top
of this hierarchic Order; – faster to the ‘Finish Line’, The End.

This constant fighting for positioning & possessions transformed
rich, living organisms into poor creatures struggling for survival.

We have chosen a path of intolerance & discrimination and are now,
not only in disharmony with ourselves, but also in endless wars against the rest of creation.
Individuals, disconnected from themselves & nature, have designed  a bunch of
eco-nomically & eco-logically imbalanced societies.

With that we lost much of our sensitivity and many of our social skills,
the abilities we so desperately need to cope with the problems of today…

– we have lost the ability to conspire, convert & consent,

to find a ‘common ground’ in our global village.
We forgot how to use our 3I‘s, –Imagination, Intuition & Inspiration,
and how to develop our Consciousness to greater awareness.

Religion has replaced Spirituality with Laws & Order,
created mentally ill societies addicted to growth, consume & comfort.

As the War-Criminals, CEO’s, elected & unelected Presidents & Dictators, Kings & Queens
of any color & religion are celebrating the New Renaissance of Global Feudalism,
they feed us some B. S. about ‘trying to Save the World’  in Copenhagen !

These totally unqualified clowns, these ruthless Leaders & Banksters of the G8, G20, or G192 etc.,
do not have the means or basic tools to tackle the enormous problems we are facing today.
-Yes, this Blind Faith in our Linear Culture  is just a gigantic farce
of global proportions and a disgrace for the Human species…

– Who is even asking the right questions ?

From WHAT do we generate these trillions of $
to throw at these problems ?


                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     –can we print more money and feed it to the fish ?



     – or compost the $
and fertilize the soil with it ?

How much more garbage & destruction can we manufacture
to accommodate 7 billion people with substitute satisfaction ?

Back to a life, most of us did not choose,
back to more survival ?

These morons are still arguing if global warming is a man-made phenomenon ?!    –“Daa-ah !??”
– My goodness, look who is asking,
– go back to your mommy and ask her again, who created you and all these other billions of brothers & sisters;
– without these sick human brains we would not be here, asking these stupid questions.
Wake up men, where have you bin, where are you going,

where do you belong ?

Didn’t we work so long and so hard to get here, paid with our blood, sweat & tears to reach this ultimate End,
isn’t this is the Finish-line we and our ancestors have always hoped for…
The secret attraction of ‘more of the same’ has finally worked !
– We get what we wished for ?

Isn’t  Copenhagen one of these Judgment Days, where God, the Almighty,
the King of kings is awarding us with Paradise, or punishes us with Hell ? !

Didn’t you listen to your teachers ?
Didn’t you pay attention to the writings on the wall ?
– According to the logic & the teaching of this Linear Culture we should have our Apocalypse
sooner or later anyway, but “boo-oh” , now we are not ready for it, we have not positioned ourselves properly.

What change

Forget all this foolishness,
any CHANGE starts Here & Now within the individual !



What we need is:
– A fundamental healing process of the mind & soul, harmonizing & balancing our relationship to EVERYTHING,
– A shift in our perception of Life & Death.

– a complete paradigm shift !

This is The Change ; – leave behind the path of Discrimination,
Distinction & Separation which lead humanity to where we are today.

Your Transformation from a hierarchic, monotheistic Belief system
where a materialistic God stands for Law & Order, Money & Property
– to a New Spirituality which includes & respects all creation.

To Heal the fundamental imbalances & addictions of our society,
we need to shift from Prohibition to Acceptance.

Our Paradigm Shift, away from a Linear Culture of fear & paranoia,
from protectionism & War against spirituality and every Other Thing –                   IN here & OUT there.


The Truth is simple,
Nothing in this Universe gets lost,
Nothing in this World disappears;
– there is just NO End to It…

Everything changes constantly,
Everything is Transforming,
– Life is constant Motion…

Everything is aware of this Fact
Everybody with Insight & Vision
knows this is True
-We are just Part of It !

Collective Consciousness

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