… an American Transformation…


– from World Trade Center to Warship !?

  USS New York, 


a warship built with steel salvaged from the World Trade Center.

I think the whole Nation deserves a Nobel Peace Prize !

‘Forging plowshares into swords !’


– some twisted steel

into something useful !


– some twisted minds

of a Sicko Nation.

United & proudly we stand behind our Leaders !


Like in the good old times,
– from King David to King George,
from the Czar to Lenin,
from Hitler to …

from Feudalism to Fascism…
to Global Oligarchy !


American Idol Season 7

Like in the old Rome, they give us
Burgers & Games, Heroes & Idols,
feed our minds with People & Events…

Toys & Banalities make us
obese and addicted !

Welcome to facebook !

…and now we have lost sight of the Ideas behind all of this !

 – connect the dots…

…World Trade Center…brake-out of WWIII…Global Eco-Meltdown…

Has this something to do with the reinstatement
of the US 4th Fleet last year ??

– or  that we, the people collectively, are bankrobbed and have to sacrify our blood, sweat & tears,
our sons & daughters for a handful of neurotic profiteers ?   – Just follow the money trail !

– Wake up people !

Who do you support with your blood, sweat & tear- taxes ?
– the Karzai regime in Afghanistan, the Uribe drug-lord regime in Colombia, our torture fiends in Egypt,
the ruthless Kingdoms of Arabia, the dictators in China or the segregationists in Israel ?

– connect the dots…

…spy satellites & killer drones… more Prisons & Military Bases…
…taxing drugs & immunization hysteria…


Back to Gunboat diplomacy
-but this time not for your nation,

-your country is long bankrupt !


Democracy has long lost its virginity and turned into an Oligarchy !
Your freedom has been reduced to a choice between Bing & Google !

You, the people, became again the brainwashed & pre-conditioned Guinea-pigs of Globalization;

– you are the multinational cannon-fodder in a global Monopoly game of domination and land-grab.

They just play & manipulate you with archaic belief systems of
Good & Evil, Sin & Salvation, jealous Gods & Kings fighting for
Success & Glory with Heroes & Villains retaliating preemptive wars…

over and over and over again…

Over & over again


…and all they feed you is ‘Hope’

 When will we learn to use our wits ?


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