A Script for Real Solutions!

A big handicap for the ‘Phantom economy‘ in general, and for business & industry in particular,
is the ‘tunnel-vision’ of specialization & expertise.
Most ‘Experts & Specialist’ are so concentrated & focused on details that they lost the ability to see
the ‘Big Picture’, lost the awareness of the context & integrity of the Whole.
As we all witnessed in Copenhagen, Cancun, and now in Durban, these ‘leaders-of-the-world’ and their organizations have not even developed the fundamental tools to respond to the profound challenges of today.

Conditioned to a Linear Thinking of Growth & Expansion, they are
unable to comprehend the complexity of the real issues on hand.
Like most of us, trapped in an outdated perception, they are still
trying to fix the holes in yesterday’s concepts & principles.

Over & over again


Especially when we deal with something as complex as the Environment, we cannot continue with the old ideas of ‘economics’, and respond with complete outdated rules & regulations of Mosaic Law & Order’.
As the insanity continues, with Carbon Trading, some linguistic changes and other propaganda tricks to sell us a new color of ‘Green’, Wall Street is preparing for another battle of wealth-distribution.
Universal-exploitation of Man & Nature, global Land-Grab and endless wars are establishing a global oligarchy, all in the name of  ‘Freedom & Democracy’…

We, the people who have seen enough of this, need to have more peripheral vision,
an awareness of our interrelationship with nature, and develop a more respectful & sensible way of interacting with our fellow man & nature.

We have to adapt & reintegrate, act responsible & swiftly
Here & NOW.

In-tune with ecology we can transform
today’s pseudo ‘economy’ into a real economy
This is simpler than you think

! A true Economy is Ecology in action !

We don’t need old systems in green camouflage,
sustaining the outdated patterns of growth & expansion.
What we need now, and from the ground on,
is organically grown businesses !

There is always a time to wake up !

As Martin Wolf analyses our failing economy, and is describing Capitalism as “very adaptable”
and the “most viable” economic system known to man, I am wondering about the narrow-minded,
dualistic approach, discrediting imagination & vision as “utopism”.
Together with most of the other ‘experts’ he is still looking for
solutions within ‘the box’ of a rigid & restricted paradigm, – our Linear Culture.
It took a few thousand years to create this bubble of ‘economics‘,
a system where an illusive logic became a delusive belief !

Now limited to outdated ideas of Capitalism & Socialism,
which are just extensions of the Abrahamistic religions,
our experts & leaders are desperately trying to explain & fix a
collective illusion of control & domination…
– the illusion of ‘growing money’ and unlimited growth, expansion & exploitation;
– the belief that Health-care & Education can be a profitable business
– the idea of a 5%, 7% or 9% growth rates are just the symptoms of a deep rooted insanity !
  The Cancer Stage of Capitalism

With this limited & restricted logic, we simply lost sight of the interrelationship between economy & ecology.
Completely disconnected from reality, delusional, and just concentrated on materialistic concepts, these dominating ideologies have fiercely defended their possessions for centuries.
Stuck in hierarchic belief systems of growth & expansion
this Linear Culture has consequently lost its ‘Love for Wisdom’.

The Love for Wisdom’ or the Importance of Philosophy

How can we put the ECO back into ECOnomy ?

William Drayton once said:
                    “Change starts when someone sees the next step.”

– Simply starting with deeper respect and more sensitivity towards our entire environment.
– Observing & studying the great patterns of nature, here on our HOME– planet, is our definition of Ecology;
– Listening & learning how to adapt, cooperating and adjusting our ways here & now,
is our responsibility and our definition of  ECONOMY  – today a Global HOME !

Applying this fundamental knowledge provides a constant
redefinition of values & standards in human societies,
the basic idea of spirituality and the source of all meaning in life.

A true ECO-NOMY has a simple formula for sustainability.
Balance means, there is a consequence to any action, if one side takes, – something has to give.
Ignoring this dynamic is pure incompetence, negligence or insanity, an economy of war & disease !
In any way or form, this constitutes an intolerable violation of common sense in any society,
a criminal act depending on the severity of the consequences.
We can not fight the order of chaos, nor can we cheat the rules of life!
Our common perception of law & order is lacking the harmony & dynamic which is absolutely necessary
to be an integrate part of any organic system.
If we define organic as natural & vital, then it means an organism
of constant motion & dynamic change, a vital organ of the whole !

                 – A true Economy is Ecology in action,
-meaning, the management of our lives on this planet, our Home,
has to have:

The Organic -Dynamic of Nature!

New business ideas should always begin with a fresh look at a its philosophy and the immanent psychology.
A closer look a the dominating and seemingly apposing philosophies of Capitalism & Socialism
will reveal that they both have many things in common. Still, all of them are stuck in the limitations
of our Linear Culture,  and simply have failed to respond to the challenges of today.

Categorized as Political Philosophies, these fragmented ideologies are just interested in,
and concentrated on the distribution of OUR global resources.
Outdated philosophies of Law & Order are just supporting chauvinistic, hierarchic concepts of reward & punishment..
Monotheistic Religions have cultivated complex societies based on mobbing & bullying,
constantly affirming the vicious cycles of addiction & prohibition.
Most parts of scientific research & analysis have become restricted to a simplified, dualistic Logic,
and are now in the business of selling knowledge, substituting conditioning for education.
Technology got lost in the rationalized & limited languages of our time,
– in digital communication, the language of machines.

These systems have completely lost sight of a Real Ecology and are consequently  unable
to address the fundamental issues of a Real Economy.
Abstract Thinking


Nature is not capitalistic, socialistic or even democratic,
it is mutual and is always thriving to benefit the Whole,
to complete the life-cycle, – the continuum .
Nature works on the principles of adaptation & consensus.




A True Economy should not only look for content in an idea, but must also see the context,
the ‘whole picture’, the entire environment of the ‘marketplace’
– today the global marketplace of a global economy, this is here our home planet.
In the context of a True Economy, Growth & Expansion belong together with Reductions & Constrained,
as birth & death are inseparable in the context of life; -one can not exist without the other…

– Life & Death are codependent, as we are interdependent with our natural environment !


we need for life on this planet
is ultimately & indiscriminately
provided by our ‘Mother Earth’
Honestly & ‘Priceless’ !


A Real Economy vs Growth & Expansion

Any profit & growth derives from exploration & expansion.
Sensitive cooperation, wise manipulation and careful co-creation can extend the benefits for all & everything. In other words, managing our existence on our home planet is True Economy.
Ecology teaches us, that ignoring these fundamental principals of balance & harmony, will consequently lead to exploitation & domination, – the cancer of consumption.

Taking care of the ecological issues,
-‘cleaning-up our home’,
has to be the priority of any True Economy,
and should be the main concern
of any new business philosophy !

Psychology, is the ‘soul-searching’ for meaning & values in life,
a necessity for any healthy human venture to take place…
– so is a real economic healing process beginning with the realization
of our interrelationship with the rest of creation.
– an Eco-psychology for the Insight & Vision we so desperately need
in order to shift our Paradigm of Growth & Expansion!
Re-developing our senses, our ‘Sense of Wisdom’,
thru Imagination, Intuition & Inspiration reconnecting with our
individual & collective Sub-consciousness.



Listening to the nonverbal,
nonlinguistic language
of Mother Nature !

Listen to the ‘silence’ !


Stop growing money,
– plant a real garden, harvest the gifts of creation !
Stop blowing bubbles,
– breath in the fresh air of freedom !
Stop holding your breath,
– exhale and relax !

! A true Economy is Ecology in action !
We don’t need old systems in green
sustaining outdated patterns of exploitation & consumption.

What we need now, and from the ground on,
is a lifestyle in balance & harmony
incl. organically grown businesses…


In response to these economic & ecologic challenges of today
we have to develop new faculties of wholistic studies.
Back to the future of true & priceless education.

Allegorically following the economic principles of a spider web…

Network Weaving

 Organic business concepts for the future



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