“…a new world order is emerging”.

Gordon Brown at the G20 Summit in London.

What does “New World Order” mean Mr. Brown ?
Where is the “change” we were promised Mr. Obama ?
I am not an ‘expert’, but all I can see is the
Crime of the Century and now the Cover-up !

It’s not a matter of what is true that counts
but a matter of what is perceived to be true.
-Henry Kissinger

Nuke the Whales for Jesus !
Britney Spears just  had an abortion and Paris Hilton just signed up
for a new episode of  ‘Dumb & Dummer’ !   – what ??


HaHaHa – the Banksters & Oligarchen of the New World and their puppet cabinets are smiling… 

Just a smoke screen of deception, hiding behind specialized jargon
and obscure economic theories, just ‘Bread & Circuses” for the plebs!

 “Honesty is for the most part less profitable than dishonesty.” Plato   


4 days before the summit Michael Hudson @ counterpunch.org

“It is not simply a problem of “regulation” or “control of speculative capital movements.” The question is how nations can act as real nations, in their own interest rather than being roped into serving whatever the American government decides is in America’s interest.

…the issue is a choice between democracy and oligarchy turning the question into one of, who will control the government doing the regulation and “nationalizing”,
if it is done by a government whose central bank and major congressional committees dealing with finance are run by Wall Street ?
…The financial oligarchy’s idea of “regulation” is to make sure that deregulators are installed in key positions.
…regulators are selected from the ranks of bankers and their “useful idiots.”

…The implication today is that the only way a nation can block capital movements is to withdraw from the IMF, the World Bank and the World Trade Organization (WTO).
For the first time since the 1950s this looks like a real possibility, thanks to worldwide awareness of how the U.S. economy is glutting the global economy with surplus “paper” dollars – and U.S. intransigence at stopping its free ride. From the U.S. vantage point, this is nothing less than an attempt to curtail its international military program.”

So what’s NEW ??

‘Stability’ – is constant motion !  – so not more outdated & stagnate laws !

‘Growth’ is the Cancer of the Linear Culture !
Now that it has outgrown itself it is
completely Bankrobbed

‘Jobs’ mean more mindless work for more conditioned but less educated people ! 
The commodity of Labor-Force, = rebuild what was destroyed, just to brake & fix it Again?

If you have not realized this, in the linear tradition of growth & expansion, these guys grew GLOBALLY, went Multinational, while you are still working on the problems in your neighborhood.
We are still fighting for/against gay-rights, abortion, discrimination of woman & immigrants, prostitution & drugabuse in our local communities around the world, while Violence, Crime and the Police-forces are growing disproportionately; while water, air & soil,
together with your ‘life-savings’ are poisoned globally !   – And you still wonder why.
In the meantime War-Criminals, CEO’s, Kings and elected & unelected Presidents & Dictators of any color & religion are celebrating the New Renaissance of Global Feudalism.

Yes fellows as Mr.Madoff said: “there is no innocent explanation
this IS the ‘New World Order’, of course God-given, we all have to obey.
In the simple logic Order of the Linear Culture we are ‘Back to the Future’ not more or less,
now we have a New Hierarchy, this time a Global one.

Back to More Survival,
                          –  Less Happiness in Life !

Now, that we have overcome slavery & racism, nationalism,
socialism & democracy, we begin to join the other
‘Banana Republics’ of the world and will become the new  Serf’s of the New Rulers, worshipping the One Common God of Greed & Possession.
As in the good old days we can now witness the perfectly
legal rape & exploitation of our Children & Mother Earth.

Does New World Order simply means:

more Laws & Order from above to control growing populations.

more wars for food-production, energy & resources of our planet.
more wars against drugs, terrorism & other ‘enemies’.
more destruction of  mother earth  in the name of ‘progress’ !
more walls & borders to keep more people IN and OUT of properties






More prisons for YOU,

who is addicted

   to the wrong stuff ! 


Use your conscience & the 3I‘s of Imagination, Intuition & Inspiration
access the Infinity of sub-consciousness, your Compass in Chaos
find your Belonging to the Whole, our collective-sub-consciousness.
This is
–  The Change
, leaving behind the path of Discrimination, Distinction & Separation,
    the Paradigm which has lead humanity to where we are today.

–  Your Transformation from a hierarchic, monotheistic Belief system, where a materialistic God stands
    for Law & Order, Money & Property to a New Spirituality which includes & respects All Creation.

–  Our Paradigm Shift, away from a Linear Culture of fear and paranoia,
   protectionism & War against spirituality and every other thing in & out there.

Legalize Spirituality – Legalize Imagination
Decriminalize the Remedies Nature is providing !

for Everybody and Every Being !


                                  …or our BlackBerrys

Now back to More Survival, to Less Happiness in Life !

let’s continue in no specific order,

but AWAKE and our I‘s wide open…


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