We must be the Change…!


In essence, after more than 5000 years, we, the 99.9% of the earth population, are still paying
with our blood, sweat & tears to get screwed royally by the 1‰ = 7,000,000.-  !!

In general, most publications, observations & analyses of today sound rational & logical to most of us,
but they also seem to be disillusioned & powerless, if not depressed & frustrated
Something is definitely missing here & now… – a  vision, maybe a clue or a hint which can put all things together, into a simpler context, connecting us with rest of everything !?
All these views & opinions appear as fragmented & disconnected
from reality as the rapidly growing problems themselves..

Most publications can be easily understood by anybody who went thru the standard conditioning
process of society, knows how to read & write, understands basic history as it was taught in school,
and comprehends grade 6 math in a nutshell.
But most of the time I can not sense any inspiration or stimulation between the lines,
no spark behind the words to enlighten our minds to see beyond the horizon…
– same old dialectic, same old linguistic,
– just more, better, faster toward the END,
– No Imagination how to live without fighting or a life without war…

As we should have learned by now, all these reflect just a very limited & restricted view of ‘reality’,
– the perception of an outdated paradigm.
– In particular, a monotheistic belief system which, in its own definition, created a hierarchic, linear world-  order, and eventually evolved into a more complex system, a ‘Linear Culture’.

This belief system brought us not only a Beginning & End, or the distinctions between Good & Evil, but also the reasoning for separation, segregation & discrimination…
– A culture with clear definitions of possessions and a common philosophy of growth & expansion,
has now separated itself from real life and replaced it with science-fictional systems and
a completely artificial laws & order.
as Chris Hedges once formulated: We have yet to formulate a vocabulary to describe our altered reality !”

Now these fictional ideas of Law & Order dominate every aspect of our life and existence on earth.
This thinking of mobbing & bullying has now infested societies globally and is growing rapidly.
Religiously obeyed & defended, this chauvinistic paradigm has
ultimately exploited & divided everything on this planet
– irresponsibly & unequally.
Spirituality was replaced by Religion, Science turned to Fiction and uses Conditioning to ‘Educate’ .
future Generations, sacrificing Quality for more Quantity of substitute satisfaction…
Like a virus, these principles have not only infested & corrupted all aspects of commerce,
science & politics globally, but also our individual way of thinking, our minds & souls entirely…

This way of life is specialized perfectly & fragmented completely, divided & disconnected from everything, in disharmony & imbalance with itself and the rest of creation.
This paranoid culture is now engaged in endless wars between its
members, against spirituality, and the environment as a whole.

All the great economical & ecological problems we are facing today
are just the rational consequence & manifestation of this linear, dualistic thinking.

As I am trying to explain here, even the humanistic-, liberal- & social- democratic ideas are in essence the logic result of our Linear Thinking and have now arrived at their ‘Dead End’ .
Rooted in outdated Belief Systems, even these ‘progressive’ & ‘alternative’ concepts & solutions have really nothing new to offer to stop this runaway train from smashing into its own destiny, the Final Destination.

But this ‘End of Quantity & Size, will not be the end of the world,
just a small economic adjustment of Nature, the return to a Life of Quality & Balance…

– Natures answer to blasphemy,
the insensitivity & irresponsibility of the human species…

We definitely do not need another fix, more corrections & reforms, or even Revolutions …
– what we need is a complete Paradigm Shift, a Transformation to the next level of consciousness.

We need to redefine our absurd ‘Intelligence‘ and regain our real, social-emotional Intelligence !

As long as our evaluations, qualifications & selections are still based on the same old dysfunctional
concepts & principles, there is no way out, no transformation from survival to sustainability possible.
Countless attempts to change or reform these systems & patterns have ultimately failed;
just concentrating to repair the outside symptoms, instead of focusing on the insight causes, have been proven useless.

As Einstein said : “A problem can never be solved on the same level of thinking that identified it. !
We shall require a substantially new manner of thinking if mankind is to survive.”

At this ‘dawn of an eco-logical age’, with a growing recognition of our interdependence with nature,
we need to learn how to use our Insight & Vision again and how to work in Context with a Complex system.
This is the time to re-evaluate & transform our fundamental Believes, to find our Common Ground,
our place on this Planet, in this Universe, in Life itself.

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             If we want an global change towards peace & sustainability,
– we have to revisit our approach to psychology, spirituality and
social politics, filling-in the dots between economy & ecology…
– we have to find a new ‘Sense of Wisdom’, a participating consciousness
  which looks at life in a non-linear, wholistic way…
-we should learn again from our big challenger, the great eco-systems
of nature, how Adaptation can strengthens our immune systems
-Stability is balanced motion, Sustainability is a constant revolution,
Coexistence & Diversity are the key to sustainability.

As a New Way to Change the Whole, we have to embrace the ideas which focus on the individual
and the detail by concentrating on the peripheral vision and the horizon of consciousness !

All the symptoms of the deeply rooted imbalance & disharmony can be found right here & now,
right in front of you, ‘the person in the mirror’, yourself, the individual !

“If we are not able to change our environment,
we have to change our-self !”
Victor E. Frankl

We have to transform our personal Beliefs and develop new Global, complex & Wholistic systems,
Paradigms which include & connect, instead of divided in separate,

– Belong rather than Possess,
Choose rather than Decide !

As Mahatma Gandhi once said :
“You must be the Change you wish to see in this world”

This is the Change we need; leaving behind a path of Discrimination,
Distinction & Separation which has lead humanity to where we are today…

– Your Transformation from a hierarchic, monotheistic Belief system
where a materialistic God stands for Law & Order, Money & Property
– to New Spirituality which includes & respects all creation.
– to Heal the fundamental imbalances & addictions of our society !
Our Paradigm Shift, away from the Linear Culture of fear & paranoia,
protectionism & War, the shift from Prohibition to Acceptance.

Slow down, apply less,
try Silence for a change.

Think lateral, work parallel,
go Local with Global in mind.

Transform individually,
challenge the collective.

Change has to come from within,
-right Here & NOW



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