‘Mr. Change’ Lost in Directions


When will we see the Events unfold
within the Greater Context,
together with the fundamental Ideas behind all of this ?



Is anybody out there, connecting the dots,
reading the signs along the way?

– these are the signs of complete System Failure ! 

Does anybody realize the relationship between the discontent
in Tunisia, Egypt & Lybia and the rhetoric of the Obama administration ?
And then listen to the rest of the ‘democratic’ governments, together with the mainstream media they are constantly feeding us with an overload of distraction and a mind-deafening propaganda of Hope …

– Promoting a better world with more & faster ‘Economic’ Growth…
 The call for a ‘Race to the Top’ for instance !

Blinded by a flash of light, what are they expecting ?
This is exactly the problematic I’m addressing on this site:
the incredible absurdity, the immense stupidity of it all.
A dead-end situation, these wise man, the more or less
elected & trusted ‘leaders’ & ‘experts’ have created for us…

 – The End of Wisdom as we know it !


What is the difference between a Dictator and a King anyway ?

Maybe they do not understand that we have reached the Top.
Maybe they have not realized that Ben Ali, Mr. Mubarak, Mr. Putin, King Abdullah, Pres. Obama etc.
are already going ‘over the Top’…        – Actually, most of them are standing on a heap of corpses
on top of the hill,  like our most wanted war-criminal on earth:
George W. Bush! Yes, what is he doing these days ?
The rest of them, still unsatisfied, sit on a huge mount of garbage,

the waste & stuff
we so desperately
produce every day


Under these circumstances Pres. Obama has nothing better
to do than to promote another ‘Race to the Top’, the creation of more Bullies, Winners & Leaders.
Yes, parents, don’t’ be fooled when you are wondering about all the bullying in schools and on the  Internet,
– it is build right into the curriculum of our culture !
                                                                                       Eat it or beat it !

Dear Mr. President, as you should know best, this ‘rat-race’ is already going on for centuries.
Recruiting more ‘canon-fodder’ to Serve & Protect’, to preserve an outdated system of Law & Order,
exploiting & abusing man & nature since generations.  
The systematic selection & grooming of useful candidates from a growing number of spoiled, ambitious & hyped-up kids, is an old concept which is now doomed to explode,
or implode if you will, once again. – This time globally!
Our school systems with curriculums of reward & punishment, have now created more than enough ‘Have’ & ‘Have-Not’s’.
A few ‘successful’ and protected Gangsters on one side, and masses of numb & dumb consumers on the other.
All together we are victims of a linear, hierarchic belief system, conditioned to belief that somebody, selected or elected, has to lead, and the rest has to follow; – like the sheep and the ‘good’ shepherd.
This is the ‘Divine Order of Things’, even in a Democracy where an elected authority makes the Decisions for us…     – at least temporarily.

And then, in the natural, over 2000 year old tradition this Democracy finishes off as an Oligarchy.  
Now we have a bunch of Bangsters, Business-Tycoons, Drug-Lords and ruthless Autocrats dominating the planet
with this Belief System & World View…

– still remaining
a philosophy & idea
of an hierarchic,
linear & dualistic Order.


With arrogance & disrespect they belief that some are
chosen to rule, and that they have the ‘Divine Right’
to taken Possession of anything & everything
between haven & earth and beyond…
Man has created a concept of Law & Order which justifies
the ‘Rights of Use’ and the ‘Titles of Ownership’.
With religious- & scientific explanations they are desperately
trying to proof a certain entitlement to the
resources of this planet.
In an old dialectic tradition of Good & Evil they are still trying
to justify the exploitation & abuse of man & creature. 

The problem is our complete dependency to this Linear Paradigm.
The elevation of these Linear & Hierarchic Ideas to a ‘Divine Order’
or Paradigm got us out off Balance & Harmony with real Life.

Now we are mentally addicted to these Belief Systems of dominance & power, control and
a certain color of green,

 – and I am not talking
  about a forest green.


No, it is the perception of green, something that counts, artificially representing the wealth of mother nature.
Most of us still believe that the abundance of life is OUT THERE for us to take; that Nature, or better Everything, was specially created for the benefit of mankind, a Garden Eden, just OUT THERE to be grabbed & consumed.
After being expelled from Eden, separated from our ‘Mother’, the question became: how to control & tamed our new environment, this ‘dammed’ wilderness.
With this attitude we feel now estranged & lost in this world.
With some success, and with all tricks & methods in the books
we have tried to outwit, conquer & copy the Energy of Nature.
But now we experience the limitations of our Systems.
The pressure or force we apply to our environment by fighting it all the way, cutting it down, destroying it, just has to go or vent somewhere & somehow…   – yes, because in reality nothing gets lost !

Now we can feel it as back-pressure, Nature ‘fights’ back.

Afraid of the Chaos & wilderness, many of us have mentality left the green, lush valleys of ‘Paradise‘  long time ago. Headed for the higher grounds where some build castles & keeps
to maintain their dominance & control over land & creature.
By the time they reached the top, they became these paranoid sociopaths,
the cancerous growth of a neurotic society which is eventually doomed to fail by their own account.

Now they are sitting on the mountaintop like Moses on Mt. Sinai.
But today they are not alone anymore, times have changed, the human race has multiplied.
Consequently there are more ruthless opportunists up there, competing for the top spot …
              – and our air gets thinner and thinner,


and the wells are drying out !



More separation & divisions with winners & losers, 
More growth & expansion with domination & bullying,
More rivalry & competition with war & destruction,
More fear, disappointment & frustration, – just on a bigger scale, now we go global.
A culture in crisis with inflexible political-, economic-, and social-institutions is now faced with the multiple pressures of population growth, diminishing resources and with no clue how to shift the Paradigm;
No Idea how to tune-in to another frequency or switch to another level of consciousness.
Here we have a president with a Nobel Peace Prize
who has promised us CHANGE, and is now bringing us
another ‘Race to the Top! ??

Everybody knows, what goes up, has to come down.
– very simple :
“The harder they come, the harder they fall.”



Do yourself a favor, stop right here & now,


take a deep breath,
– and another one,
– and another
Rest for a moment,
relax, look down
and smell the roses



Now think – rethink – and think again!

Repeating this cycle over and over again, up & down, for & against, is just a Merry-go-round making us dizzy and getting us off-balance.  What can we expect in Egypt, an American style Democracy,
fighting some Israeli terrorists for a change, or by invading other countries ?
The Mubarak family is out of the limelight, off the stage for now, but the people are still enslaved in Global Debt, incarcerated by a linear System on the finish line.


Awakening & Understandingis always a great event in our lives.
An “aha” experience, either ‘good’ or ‘bad’, can often be associated
with a satisfying sensation of: ‘learning a lesson for free’.
But most of the time our life is just a fragmented & unrelated collection of such events & experiences with no coherent meaning connecting them in any way.
A real comprehension of the Whole is missing,
an understanding of the dynamics behind all this, not existing.
With just a limited awareness of the integrate patterns & systems orchestrating the ecology on this planet, we are unable to sense the rhythms & harmonies in this symphony of life.
Religion &  Social-Politics are completely entangled in outdated
dualistic & hierarchic principles of law & order’, govern the world with a toxic mix of Guilt & Fear.

Science & Technology are trapped in linguistic & logic,
unable to deal with the emotional & spiritual issues of today.

Reinventing themselves,
reaffirming the status Quo,
their limited state of mind,
every day!


Science & Education are distracted by profit & system-blindness,
misunderstanding Truth, Perception & Relativity completely.
Well Conditioned but poorly Educated, the experts oft these societies are notoriously ignoring the fact that they still don’t know what they don’t know.

Consequently, all the so much trusted & followed ‘economic’
Theories of our time are a product of this way of thinking.
Oikos =home/house + nomos =custom/law = “Rules of the Household”.
And here we are back to the Law & Order of entitlement & ownership.
Economics is part of the abrahamistic Religion, defending & justifying
a hierarchic & unequal distribution of the Properties & Resources of
our planet, Mother Earth our common home.
Marx & Engel’s theories plus countless Revolutions of all colors,
have tried to overcome or rectify the social inequalities of their times, – unsuccessfully.
Everything that questioned or criticized the fundamental, economic principals of this linear Belief System was demonized and brutal suppressed by the authorities.
Constant historic & scientific affirmation of this, now completely outdated, linear paradigm has lead to an ‘absolute’ vacuum of ideas and a huge bubble of a pseudo economy.
over 7 Billion people trying to get their fair share of the pie.  – Good Luck !

More Refugees, More Migration, More Walls & Fences…        

– to keep them out ! – to protect our jobs !




A Linear Paradigm of growth & expansion arrived at the Top,
Now a Culture at its ‘End’ with all its paranoia and fear of failure,
competition & depression associated with it.

With this limited vision and restricted consciousness it is impossible to ‘make sense’ of it all.
System blindness and the inability to ‘connect the dots’ leaves
us disconnected from our fellow man and the rest of creation
The absence of Wisdom keeps us in limbo, with no
Sense of Belonging or Orientation in a world of Chaos.


A ‘change’ of direction, in terms of a Linear Paradigm,
and limited to a globe, will ultimately End-up where it started.
A true strait line only exists hypothetically in a contained environment otherwise it gets lost in time & space.
Mille viae ducunt homines per saecula Romam
(A thousand roads lead men forever to Rome)

But now we have to get out off town, beyond the walls
of confinement, off to new horizons…
Forget the ‘Top 100 Global Thinkers’ 

what an insult
for the human mind,
what are they thinking,
or better,
what are they smoking ?

1. Buffet & Gates -(the affirmation of money)
2. Strauss-Kahn & Zoellick – (the IMF- & WB-kings of debt) 
3. Obama – ( Mr. Change )
4. Zhou Xiaochuan – (now Communists in bed with Capitalists ?)
5. Bernanke – (our bubble blower ?)

…or maybe just a misunderstanding or misspelling of:
‘Top 100 Global Sinkers’

Just more propaganda & affirmation to keep the buck rolling.
Just empty slogans of : “Change you can Believe in”, “Hope”, or “Winning the Future”…
just more of  “Nuking the Whales for Jesus !”?

We don’t need more of this ‘change’, there are other values in life.
Now we need to ‘change gears’, SHIFT & Evolve to other levels of consciousness!

We have our 3I‘s – Imagination, Intuition, Inspiration, we just have to re-learn how to use them as a Guidance-System, as our COMPASS in CHAOS






Each of us, as an individual with the Freedom of Choice,
can start his/her Quest right Here & Now :
QUESTIONING the fundamental ideas & beliefs, governing my personal life on earth,
REDEFINING the value & meaning of my  intentions & activities within the human society, and
REESTABLISHING my connection with the rest of creation.
Now is the time to search for balance & harmony in a new interrelationship with our common Habitat. 
Now we can explore, discover & develop the necessary
sensitivities to make us more responsible members of our environment.
REDISCOVERINGthe sensibilities & gifts, we collectivelyinherited.
REDEVELOPING a multi-sensory awareness to navigate ourselves thru time & space.

Mr. Change, (Obama) there are some simple but complex concepts
of re-joining & re-connecting anything with everything. 
                             ‘everything BELONGS together’
remains a simple & universal concept which can overcome separation & segregation, restrictions & limitations.
Not so new concept which can integrate us into Life itself.
Because Life is Chaos, it can not be contained by our ideas of Law & Order.
As we know, at least since Einstein, that …

Life is in Motion & Constant Change,
we just have to shift our mind-set,
except these facts,
and move on with it !

We need a Philosophy in Motion !

We need Solutions on the Go

Let us Co-CREATE a Real Eco-nomy,
an integrated Eco-system
of our Eco-logy.


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